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    Master Higgins is back and he’s finally married to his long-time girlfriend, Tina! Well…kind of…At the beginning of the game, just after they get married, evil shadowy figures kidnap not only the new bride, but also 6 young wedding guests! It’s your task in New Adventure Island to help Master Higgins save them, so grab the game from the Wii™ Virtual Console™ and start adventuring!

    In New Adventure Island, you travel across 7 side-scrolling areas: 6 islands with different climates and a final showdown area. As you run across the island, you’ll be faced by unfriendly animal enemies, like snails, frogs, and penguins. If you can’t avoid them, you’ll have to defeat them using one of four weapons: an axe, a boomerang, a fireball, or an arrow. Each weapon handles differently, so pick the one that suits you best!

    You have to worry about more than just not getting hit by enemies. As you run along, your health meter constantly drains, so you’ll have to pick up the fruit which are plentiful on the islands. Of course, it’s probably a good idea to eat lots of fruit in real life (and veggies too)!

    Each island has 4 levels, at the end of which you’ll have to face an intimidating anthropomorphic (an animal with human characteristics aka half-man, half-animal) boss. From the first boss, the half-man, half-tiger Tigris, to the master villain Papio, you’ll have your hands full as you fight each of the 7 bosses.

    If you want a relaxing island getaway, fly to Hawaii. If you want exciting island adventure, where you can skateboard in a grass skirt, grab New Adventure Island for the Wii™ Virtual Console™ today!

    The Adventure Island series first appeared in the US in 1988 on the NES and has spawned about a dozen sequels on various platforms. Featuring classic platforming action along with cool island settings, the original Adventure Island quickly endeared itself to fans. New Adventure Island launched on the TurboGrafx in 1992, and was closer to the original design, featuring updated graphics and music.

    Did You Know? : Master Higgins is actually based on a real-life Hudson employee! Takahashi Meijin, currently an executive with our Japanese side, was the inspiration for the character, and has becoming a gaming celebrity throughout Japan. He is known for his unique ability to press a joystick button 16 times in 1 sec, thus earning him the name: 16-shot. There’s no way of knowing if Takahashi-san ever lived on a tropical island and had to rescue a damsel in distress, but he sure does look a lot like Higgins. At least when he had more hair!

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    Gettin' Higgy with it

    This classic set a new course for adventure on TurboGrafx16.

    On peaceful Adventure Island, the islanders are celebrating the wedding of Master Higgins and Tina, the “Miss Island Queen.” Suddenly, the celebration is interrupted by the appearance of Baron Bronsky and his henchmen, who kidnap Tina and the island children! Master Higgins must set out to rescue the children and his beloved Tina in this side-scrolling action game! Throw hatchets and boomerangs, hop on skateboards, and guide Master Higgins safely to the goal in each area! New Adventure Island consists of 7 exciting stages! Each stage is split into 4 areas, with a boss waiting at the end of the final area. Defeat all the bosses and release the kidnapped children! And waiting in the castle of the final stage—the wicked Baron Bronsky! Help Master Higgins defeat him and reclaim his bride!

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