Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Main menu
Table select - some tables require credits in the beginning to play them.
Table history screen
Genie table at game start
Genie table in middle of play
Table high score. Each table has its own high scores.
Table goal - when you activate this goal, one of tables becomes “Free play” and you don’t need credit to play it.
Table menu
You can change view while playing on a table.
El Dorado City of Gold table in middle of play
Goin' Nuts table in middle of play
Playing Love Meter
Each table has instructions, telling you how to play.
Black Hole table in middle of play
Play-Boy flayer view
Play-Boy table gameplay
Photo tour to the Gottlieb factory
Strikes N’ Spares table gameplay