PoPoLoCrois Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Main menu
Ice Demon from intro movie
King Paulo in intro movie
Queen Sania in intro movie
White Dragon in intro movie
“Old” King Paulo from intro movie
Prince Pietro at PoPoLoCrois Castle balcony
Prince Pietro founding his sleeping mom.
Prince Pietro’s Room.
Prince Pietro’s souvenirs room.
Gami Gami City
Inside Steel Devil Castle
Inside Strange Shop
Streets of PoPoLoCrois City
Land of The Dragons
Land of The Gods
Monkey Village
Entrance to Cotrico’s Island dungeon.
Ancient sword in the woods!
Battle Results.
Use of Gami Gami Ray skill.
Save point in Jungle.
Equipment Screen
White Knight uses his sword attack skill.
Placing character to attack enemy in small room
Region map
Shopping screen
Throne room in PoPoLoCrois Castle
Screen of drafted intro between game «chapters».