Prince of Persia: Revelations Credits (PSP)

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Prince of Persia: Revelations Credits

Pipeworks, a Division of Foundation 9 Entertainment

Studio Head Dan Duncalf
Project ManagerJames Poelke
Sr. EngineerJames Poelke
Sr. Producer Ken Embery
Engineering Lead Terry Farnham
Art DirectorJarrett Jester
Software Engineer Aaron Smith, Berkley Palmer, Brian Silva, Bruce Schuldt, Donald Rayl, Kory Spansel, Mike McGrath, Richard Rayl
ArtistArmando Wilderman, Byron Stiles, Ron Clayborn, Stephen Philpott, Vance Naegle
QA TesterBryan Madigan, Joseph Alfaro
Associate ProducerForest Ingram
Lead DesignerForest Ingram
Guest Designer Simon Strange
Additional ArtDouglas Brashear, Brian Vanderhulst


Executive ProducerYannis Mallat
ProducerGeneviève Lord
Local Editorial MarketingSébastien Puel, Xavier Manzanares
Localization Project ManagerCorinne Isabelle Le Dour
Data ManagerChristian Belisle
QC Studio ManagerÉric Audette
QC Project ManagerJonathan Moreau
QC Team LeaderAlexandre Methôt
TestersPatrick Paradis, Philippe Michaud
With the special assistance ofAndréane Meunier, Charles Jacob, Danny Grondines, David Gallardo, Dominic Laroche, Éric Visconti, Guy English, Jean-Christophe Guyot, Jean-Robert Michel, Julien Desaulniers, Marie-Élaine Roy, Martin Sévigny, Michel Salvado, Pascal Lalancette, Philippe Trarieux, Pier-Luc Papineau


PresidentMartin Tremblay
CEOMartin Tremblay
Executive VP ‑ EditorialChristophe Derennes
VP ‑ TechnologyNicolas Rioux
VP ‑ Continuous ImprovementMichel Allard


PresidentYves Guillemot
CEOYves Guillemot
International Production DirectorChristine Burgess-Quémard
International Content DirectorSerge Hascoët
Editorial ScenariosAlexis Nolent
Cinematic DirectorAlexis Nolent
Editorial Game Design DirectorLionel Raynaud
Editorial Gameplay Director Cyril Derouineau
Worldwide Projects Coordination DirectorAnne Blondel-Jouin
Associate ProducerMathieu Peyronnet


EMEA Managing DirectorAlain Corre
EMEA Marketing DirectorJohn Parkes
EMEA Group ManagerSébastien Courmont
EMEA Senior Brand ManagerEmilie Garin
EMEA Group PR Manager Stéphane Vallet


President, North AmericaLaurent Detoc
Vice President, MarketingTony Kee
Director, MarketingHélène Juguet
Senior Brand ManagerDanny Ruiz
Brand ManagerAndrew Hui
Special thanks:The Amazing POP Teams (WW & SOT), Andrew Ayre, Chris Charla, David Aldridge, David R. Sullivan, Isaac Bender, Michael Mika Sr.

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