Resident Evil: Director's Cut Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen
Choose your hero
Intro: meet Chris
Intro: meet Jill
Barry! Where's Barry?
The dining hall
The first zombie in the game
Of course I will take Beretta!
This room hides the first floor map
Arrange mode: a different camera angle
On the balcony
Arrange mode: a new camera angle
Poor Forest
Arrange mode: Forest is a zombie!
Map and inventory
Rebecca in medical room
I find this page hilarious
Rebecca plays Moonlight Sonata
Arrange mode: new camera angle and better detailed backgrounds (or so it seems)
Barry is there to kill a zombie for Jill
Ah, a shotgun!
Yeah, nothing major, just an undead zombie crawling around
Portraits and crows
Ah, sorry, didn't know the toilet was occupied
Oh, Chris
Who let the sharks out?
Rebecca rushes to free Chris
Yes Rebecca, do treat me
Shotgun action
There's a heli pad over there
Moving a movable statue in the library
Burning down the enemy population
No way this could be implemented in real life
Hacking an Umbrella computer
It was stupid to let this creature out
We're heroes! Right?
Chris changes his costume
Another Arrange mode camera angle
Jill walking alone in Umbrella lab, grenade launcher guarantees a certain degree of safety