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Resistance: Retribution (PSP)

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall MobyScore (2 votes) 4.0

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PGNx Media
Overall, it looks like Sony Bend did it again with Resistance: Retribution. We gave the Sony Bend-developed Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror a 9.0/10 and Retribution is similar to that game in many ways but even more polished. The visuals are sharper, the levels are larger and the controls are streamlined. Add to this a 10-hour singleplayer campaign (and another, remixed 10-hour campaign) plus one of the deepest multiplayer feature sets on the PSP and you have one of the system’s killer apps. Sony Bend was able to bring Resistance to the PSP in a way that takes advantage of the system’s strengths and feels like it’s own game in the Resistance universe instead of a dumbed down version of the console versions.
Resistance: Retribution makes the most of the hardware, works around the system’s limitations, and features a solid campaign with lots of incentive for replay. In terms of pure enjoyment, Retribution goes toe-to-toe with its big brothers on the PlayStation 3, and it’s a must-play for fans of the series or those who are looking for a great shooter for the road.
There's no sense in beating around the bush -- Resistance: Retribution is excellent. It's got a main character you'll connect with, an engaging single-player campaign, a crapload of unlockables, PS3 connectivity and the strongest online multiplayer I have ever seen in a PSP game. In short, you're an idiot if you don't buy this game.
Jawoll - jetzt ist es passiert! Resistance Retribution ist das Shooter-Highlight, auf das ich als PSP-Besitzer all die Jahre gewartet habe. Zugegeben - auch dieses Spiel kann das Problem der grundsätzlich etwas verkrampften Shooter-Steuerung auf dem Handheld nicht wegzaubern. Doch das erfahrene Syphon-Filter-Team hat eine Mischung aus Auto-Aim und manuellem Zielsystem geschaffen, das mir sogar noch besser gefällt als in den gelungenen PSP-Socoms. Die Kämpfe sind spannend inszeniert, die prächtigen postapokalyptischen Kulissen sehen einfach traumhaft aus und auch online steppt der Bär. Shooter-Herz, was willst du mehr? Ein paar Wermutstropfen gibt es leider doch: Dank des schwankenden Schwierigkeitsgrades muss man sich durch frustige Stellen wie den Mech-Level beißen. Startet man auf dem niedrigsten Schwierigkeitsstufe oder im Infiziert-Modus, kann es dagegen recht leicht werden. Sei's drum: Für mobile Action-Fans ist Resistance Retribution ein Pflichtkauf!
All in all, Resistance: Retribution is a great game. It doesn't set out to shatter any barriers of game design, but is currently one of the very few must-have titles for Sony's PlayStation Portable. It might seem a bit strange at first, but you will certainly get hooked on it, and the urge to fight the Chimera anywhere you go, on the bus, subway or during trips, will be unbearable. With the story leaving space for a sequel, Sony will surely need to be careful as to not saturate the franchise. Hopefully, we will see the next PS3 and PSP installments launched once more with a short period between them.
Extreme Gamer
Sony Bend has created one of the best third-person shooters we have seen on the PSP. Resistance: Retribution is solid, start to finish. There is so much good to mention it is almost useless to go on about how great his game game. All you basically need to know is that you need to check out this game. Own a PSP? Then head out to your local gaming store and pick up a copy of Resistance: Retribution, it's that good!
While action games usually come with some degree of frustration when appearing on the PSP, Resistance: Retribution is a true exception, offering robust controls, and solid single-player campaign and great multiplayer. PSP owners don’t want to miss out on this one.
Resistance: Retribution feels like a wedding of convenience between two game development houses. Sony Bend is skilled at bringing shooters to the PSP, and Insomniac's sci-fi series is still a hot property. The result is a handheld shooter that largely gets the job done, if the job is to mindlessly shoot, reload, and shoot again. It evokes the presentation of Resistance: Fall of Man effectively, save for the awful dialogue and voice acting. The targeting system reconciles the PSP's hardware issues with Resistance's high-pressure firefights, and the multiplayer is serviceable, if not a bit forgettable. Retribution is not the greatest game to hit the PSP, but it's still a rather functional and fun shooting gallery.
Allowing the action to shine is what Resistance: Retribution does best. The slick controls perform admirably with only a few minor stumbles, letting you flex your impressive arsenal as you battle through hordes of fiendish enemies. The scope of your journey is a bit narrow, and Grayson may very well offend gamers with ties to France (or England, for that matter), but the excitement and intensity packed into Resistance: Retribution are undeniable.
Pulling off a Resistance game on the PSP sounds like a monumental task, but Sony Bend was up for it. In one swoop, they have expanded Resistance's universe while making a great game that can stand on its own. Similarities aside to the Syphon Filter games, Retribution is a memorable experience on the PSP and an experience that shouldn't be missed.
Game Over Online
In the end, Retribution does the Resistance franchise proud on the handheld. As with most action games on the PSP you’ll have to cozy up to the controls a little bit, but if you can manage that it's hard to resist the exciting gameplay, strong presentation and solid multiplayer suite. I don't anticipate my PSP will be gathering dust again any time soon.
Game Revolution
Those few gripes aside, Resistance: Retribution is fairly long, and after getting accustomed to the awkward use of the face buttons as a supplemental stick, it feels pretty damn nice. It's rare enough to find a shooter on a handheld that actually works, and even rarer to find one of this caliber. Oh, and combining that with five multiplayer modes (supporting up to 8 players, ad-hoc or online over the Playstation Network) really makes for a full, rich experience. It's a bit odd, actually, that it's taken this long for a company to release a title of this genre in a non-butchered form on this kind of platform... I don't know how to react...
80 (UK)
Much like Resistance 2, Retribution is more than the sum of its parts. The single-player campaign may be linear and stagey, but it's also effortlessly fun and incredibly polished. The multiplayer doesn't contain many surprises, but it does a better job of matching the online modes of "proper" consoles better than most rivals in its genre. Annoyances are minor and fleeting in nature, and the game punches above its weight with a substantial and coherent feel that too many handheld offerings lack. The PSP has been starved of beefy first-party games for so long that something this confident was always going to look special. Retribution isn't quite the saviour the PSP needs, but it's close enough to come highly recommended.
Giant Bomb
My initial response to this arrangement was one of outrage, since you only need the PSP connected long enough to confirm you own both games before you get to use the "infected" stuff. But the good news is, Retribution is still a great-looking, fully playable shooter even if you don't own a PlayStation 3. If you're already set up to access the extra content, think of that as a nice bonus, but don't feel like you have to run out and get Resistance 2 just to enjoy Retribution. Based on the PSP's library to date, it's clearly not easy to design a good, console-style shooter on the platform, and so far Retribution is one of the better ones.
GamePro (US)
All in all, Retribution may be an acquired taste to those new to the franchise, but there's no argument—this is a must-own title for fans of the first two installments.
Jeux Vidéo Network
Action non stop et esthétique flamboyante sont les atouts de ce titre qui explore brillamment l’univers de Resistance. Mais gare à sa maniabilité frustrante qui pourra en repousser plus d’un !
Good Game
The auger is here, as well as our favorite wall bouncing discs...but the lark rocket launcher is the coolest – you can pause the rocket mid-flight, re-aim your trajectory, then let it rip. This is good for getting behind enemies shields especially. Or just teasing enemies. There are some really good moments and it’s good retribution has gone down the horror focus that we saw in Resistance 2. I’m giving it an 7.5.
Good Game
Also the level design is fantastic, you barely noticed you’re being funneled through a linear path and the large environments are...large which is good. There are some nice sci-fi alien door opening moments too, if you’re into that thing. The composer, Garry Schyman, also worked on Bioshock and destroy all humans, and he’s good at what he does. The creepy piano and horror inspired riffs could make drinking a cup of tea scary.
With the PSP languishing in the UK relative to its amazing success in Japan, it feels like there is a weight of expectation associated with Resistance: Retribution and the surge it’s supposed to spark. The game never quite meets up to that weight of expectation, or to the excellence of the previous games in the Resistance series. Nevertheless, if you take it on its own terms it is a solid enough title, hampered only by the PSP’s lack of a second analog stick and the terrible script. Whether that’s enough depends on whether you’re a PSP-owner looking for an uncomplicated bit of fun, or whether you’re a massive corporation trying to revive the fortunes of an increasingly overlooked bit of hardware.
Shortcomings aside, Resistance: Retribution is a competently implemented third-person shooter that brings short, sharp bouts of sci-fi action to the PSP. A fair to average release, but it could have delivered a lot more; let’s hope Sony Bend fares better when they bring Syphon Filter to the PS3.