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SEGA Genesis Collection (PSP)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

SEGA Genesis Collection Credits

SEGA of America

CEONaoya Tsurumi
PresidentSimon Jeffery
VP of Product DevelopmentDavid Cobb
VP of SalesSue Hughes-Taigen
Senior ProducerJonathan Sell
Associate Producer(s)Ethan Einhorn, Stephen Frost
VP of MarketingScott A. Steinberg
Director of MarketingRick Naylor
Product Marketing ManagerSarah Berridge
Public Relations ManagerDenny Chiu
Creative Services ManagerJenifer Groeling
Production SpecialistHeather Lucchetti
Graphic DesignerMarco Garcia
Tester(s)Lee Frohman, Teressa Wright, Sam Carion, George Rabinovich, Peter Koenig, Hugh Do, Justin Honeggar, Marvin Hom, Ramon Thomas, Aaron Reif, Rick Imperial, Ben Seto, Don Patterson, Ryan Jones, Dennis Constantino
Special ThanksBridget Oates, Mina Provonsha, Jez Sherlock

SEGA of Europe

CEONaoya Tsurumi
PresidentMichael Hayes
COOMichael Hayes
Development DirectorGary Dunn
Creative DirectorMatthew Woodley
Director of European MarketingGary Knight
Head of Development - LocalizationKuniyo Matsumoto
Assistant ProducerEd Bushell
Head of Brand MarketingHelen Camilleri
European PRLynn Daniel, Kerry Martyn
Senior Brand ManagerMark Fisher
Assistant Brand ManagerHiromi Ando
International Brand ManagerBen Chalmers-Stevens
Creative ServicesTom Bingle, Alison Warfield, Morgan Gibbons, Akane Hiraoka, Arnoud Tempelaere
TestersBarnaby Gillett, Christopher Allwood, William Diviney, Kerry Hance, Imonena Mo Unude, Thomas Morgan, Arjun Pandey, David Moore

Digital Eclipse Software, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerDaniel Filner
ProducerMichael J. Boccieri
Associate ProducersEric Eberhardt, W. Thomas Grové
Localization ProducerYukiko Miyajima Grové
User Interface ArtistsEdward Chin, Chad Pfarr, Justin Richmond
Sound DesignYannis Brown
Music DesignYannis Brown
Classic Arcade EmulationVernon Brooks
YM2612 EmulationSteve Snake
Z80 EmulationGeorge Phillips, Peter Phillips, Jeff Vavasour
Lead ProducerDavid Sirlin
Senior ProducerSteven Kovensky
Technical DirectorDavid R. Sullivan
Studio HeadMike Mika
Special ThanksFoundation 9 Entertainment, BBE Vancouver Studio, BBE Emeryville IT, Farracy Richmond 3D41, Maria Daquipa (Doombunny), Karen Murphy, Sarah Reynolds, Anne V. Tofte, April, Jamie, Yanna, The Miyajima Family, All our Moms & Dads

Manual Copy

Manual CopyOff Base Productions

Manual Design

Manual CopyOption‑Shift Design

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Jeff Vavasour, 74 other games
Morgan Gibbons, 73 other games
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Sue Hughes-Taigen, 68 other games
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Denny Chiu, 57 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158607) and コナン (85226)