SEGA Rally Revo Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Game UMD as seen in PSP XMB
Title Screen
Main Menu: selecting a game mode.
Selecting a Championship.
Selecting a Rally.
Rally Details shows number of races and condition of tracks.
Choosing a car to race.
Choosing a set of tires.
Choosing the transmission type.
Final overview of settings before race start
Loading screen before the race
Rally: press the X button to start the countdown.
Rally: let's GO!
Rally: jumping over a water obstacle.
Rally: attacking the Sonic Citroen 1/3.
Rally: attacking the Sonic Citroen 2/3 (Replay).
Rally: attacking the Sonic Citroen 3/3 (Replay).
Rally: view across the hood
Rally: Dirty Drifting (external rear view)
Rally: water reflection (external rear view)
Rally: FINISH!
In pursuit using the first-person perspective.
The replay function
My Citroën has some trouble catching up.
Championship won
You can push opponents aside.
A new car unlocked.
Skidding through the sand of this Canyon track.
Alpine setting
There are some waterfalls in the background.
The Subary prepares to dive into the corner.
A SEGA-branded car