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Silent Hill: 0rigins (PSP)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Silent Hill: 0rigins Credits

Konami Digital Entertainment

Chairman and CEOKazumi Kitaue
Executive Vice PresidentShinji Hirano
Vice President of ProductionBrian F. Christian
ProducerWilliam Oertel
Associate ProducerTomm Hulett
Manager of Product SupportKen Ogasawara
Assistant Manager of Product SupportKensaku Nakata
QA LeadPearl Lu
QA Project LeadCarl Chen
Quality Assurance byBabel Media
VP of MarketingAnthony Crouts
VP of OperationsTodd Koniares
Director of MarketingRozita Tolouey
Senior Product ManagerPatrick Dillon
Director of SalesPaula Cook
Customer ServiceBrandis Dutton

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toHans-Joachim Amann, Yukako Hamaguchi, Kei Hiroki, Masahiro Itō, Simon Lai, Tonie Madrid, Charles Murakami, Kunio Neo, Patty Oertel, William Oertel, Dominique Oertel, Hiroyuki Owaku, Jason Ray, Akiyoshi Saito, Martin Schneider, Joseph McGuffin, Nick Kononelos, Eric Kovats (and the team at Technicolor), Sarah Simmons, Star Westbrook, Jean Millard, Kate Hughes, Angel Forster, James Ling Forster, Sarah Hill, Chrissie Davies, Tereza Owens, Paris Rae Owens, Pharrell Ronnie Owens, Bump Owens, Madeleine Macphail, Andrea Steele Williams, Stewart Alves, Dave Bowman, Mike Oakley, Simon Cope, Stefan Vossers, Nicki Atwell, Tracy Rogers, Ella Rogers, Zachary Rogers, Karen Marchese, Daisy Hodgson, Linzie Walker, Lisa Barstow, Laura Doherty, ...and all fans of Silent Hill

Climax Studios Ltd

Executive ProducersKarl Jeffery, Simon Gardner
Game DirectorMark Simmons
Written and Designed bySam Barlow
Lead ArtistNeale Williams
Lead ProgrammerDave Owens
Technical Lead ProgrammerJames Sharman
Cinematics Director and Lead AnimatorBryan Rogers
Lead Level DesignerRobert McLachlan
Lead Level ArtistSaul Marchese
Lead SFX ArtistPaul Christey
Outsource ManagerDee Doherty
GUI ArtistIan Sutton
Character ArtistsVanessa Wells, Elco Vossers
Environment ArtistsAndrew Forster, Robert Wilmot, Stephen Cooper, Baolong Zhang, Doug Townsley
Special Effects ArtistsAaron Miller, Nick Hodgson, Gianluca Fratellini, Vernon Victory, Stephen Bodle
ProgrammersAndrew Earle, Richard Nutman, Mike Burmester, Robert MacDonald
DesignersKevin Clarke, Mark Diggles, Chris Green
Audio TechnicianMatthew Simmonds
Quality AssuranceRob Shread
Marketing ArtworkRichard Turner
Additional ArtworkDavid Ramsbottom, Grant Arthur
Additional AnimationSteven Herft
Original ConceptKevin Hendrikson
Director SupportNigel Fox, Glenn Brace, Rhys Cadle, Gwaredd Mountain
Production AccountantsRussell Moss, Rachel Curtis
Climax Support StaffJim Clews, Craig Torode, Nikki Getzig, Emma Barratt, Jade West, Allison Saville, Jim Walker

Konami Digital Entertainment (GmbH)

President Konami Digital Entertainment GmbHKunio Neo
Head of European Product ManagementHans-Joachim Amann
European Brand ManagerMartine Saunders
Special ThanksChristopher Heck, Richard Jones, Su-Yina Farmer, Andreas Voigt, Ella Siebert, Nicolas Dyan, Mónica Corbella, Martin Schneider, Wolfgang Ebert, Rodolfo Rolando (Halifax)
Manual & Packaging Designan.x
Manual TranslationMSM

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zaknafein Do'Urden (67)