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79 (Dec 09, 2006)
Wenig neues. Das trifft auf das ganze Spiel zu. Star Wars: Lethal Alliance ist ein typisches, fast schon altbackenes, Actionspiel. Aber dafür haben die Entwickler auch wenig falsch gemacht. Das Spiel wirkt schlüssig, bietet ein simples und schnell zu begreifendes Gameplay, den bekannten Star Wars Flair… und das Wichtigste: Es macht Spaß. 40 Euro ist Lethal Alliance sicherlich nicht wert, aber wenn das Spiel ein paar Euro günstiger wird (sprich nach Weihnachten) kann ich den Kauf durchaus empfehlen.
77 (Dec 27, 2006)
Lethal Alliance ist für Star Wars Jünger mit PSP ein gelungenes Spiel. Zwar ist die Steuerung ein wenig schwammig und die Kameraführung von den üblichen Problemen behaftet, die runde Gameplay-Mischung sorgt jedoch für Abwechselung. Der größte Pluspunkt ist dabei das Duo aus Rianna und Zooe, die nicht nur ausgesprochen sympathische Charaktere sind, sondern auch einige spielerische Innovationen ermöglichen. Mehr davon! Im Ergebnis kommt Lethal Alliance zwar weder an Prince of Persia, noch an Jedi Knight heran, ist aber ein ordentliches Action-Spiel für Sonys Handheld.
73 (Mar 21, 2007)
A mixed feeling, that's what remains after playing Star Wars Lethal Alliance. Although it technically looks very good and also the gameplay is pretty well thought through, the game just isn't challenging enough to even keep the casual gamer occupied for a long time. And then there's the sensitive controls that are difficult to adjust while the uninteresting ad hoc multiplayer doesn't really add much to the replay value.
71 (Jan 25, 2007)
Ich liebe Jedi Knight! Eine PSP-Umsetzung der coolen Serie wäre mir mehr als recht. Lethal Alliance ist ein prima Schritt in diese Richtung, aber eben nur ein Schritt: Auf Dauer fehlt's an Abwechslung, die Zielsteuerung ist fragwürdig, außerdem beklage ich den für Star Wars-Verhältnisse eklatanten Mangel an interessanter Story. Immerhin gibt's mit Zeeo einen der nützlichsten Sidekicks aller Zeiten, außerdem gefällt mir die akrobatische Zeitlupenaction. Insgesamt also kein schlechter Zeitvertreib, weitaus besser als andere Star Wars-Katastrophen, aber der Appetit nach mehr, den ein kurzes Anspielen hinterlässt, wird leider nicht gestillt.
Game Chronicles (Jan 09, 2007)
I really enjoyed numerous aspects of Star Wars: Lethal Alliance. The game is unmistakably Star Wars in story, graphics, and sound, and delivers some solid action, both in combat and acrobatic puzzles. But taken as a whole, Lethal Alliance lacks that variety required to keep a game engaging from start to finish. I always expect some level of repetition in just about any game I play, but that jaded feeling came way too soon in this game. Quite possibly this was because I played the game from start to finish over the course of a few days. This game might very well be much better in small doses. But regardless of how or when you play one thing is for certain. No self-proclaimed Star Wars fan who owns a PSP should pass on this game. There is some great filler material here, and enough action to awaken the Jedi in all of us.
GameSpot (Dec 08, 2006)
The lousy multiplayer notwithstanding, Star Wars: Lethal Alliance is a good portable shooter with plenty of variety and a respectable single-player campaign. With better tweaking of the shooting mechanics and platforming controls, it could have played great, but even with those deficiencies, action-game fans and Star Wars enthusiasts are bound to find something to like about Lethal Alliance.
Softpedia (Jan 16, 2007)
Ubisoft used the Force wisely and created a fun game to play, but they haven't reached perfection yet. Fluid gameplay, high-speed Zeeo surfing and short combat sequences make Lethal Alliance the ideal game to play in your lunch break. However, if you're looking for a complicated storyline, Jedi abilities and a lengthy game, this Star Wars title is not the one for you. While fans and fanatics will buy the game to complete their never-ending collection of Star Wars memorabilia, there will be hardcore action gamers that will hesitate when acknowledging its merits.
70 (Dec 07, 2006)
Lethal Alliance macht die ersten paar Stunden viel Spaß. Und zwar so lange, bis man erkennt, dass letztlich alle Missionen relativ gleich aufgebaut sind. Raum stürmen, Türen öffnen, Abgründe überwinden. Das war’s. Klar habe ich auch danach noch gern weitergespielt, allein schon, weil ich wissen wollte, was noch alles passiert, bis Rianna endlich die Pläne des Todesstern ergattert hat. Zumal Lethal Alliance für PSP-Verhältnisse gut aussieht und das Star Wars-Flair nutzt. Handlung und Charaktere passen sich nahtlos in das Lucas’sche Stenenkrieger-Epos ein. Außerdem steuert sich Lethal Alliance trotz etwas träger Kamera gut, die Ladezeiten halten sich auch in Grenzen. Unfaire Stellen gibt es kaum. Lediglich wenn die Perspektive wechselt (und damit auch die Steuerung), vertut man sich schon mal. Doch auch diese Passagen überwindet man dank großzügig gesetzter Speicherpunkte schnell. Lethal Alliance ist wie Episode III im Kino: Kein Meilenstein, aber ordentliche Unterhaltung.
GameZone (Dec 27, 2006)
Star Wars: Lethal Alliance for the PSP may not be perfect when it comes to the controls or its multiplayer mode but it’s still a blast to play if you’re a fan of all things Star Wars or like a decent action game. There’s a lot of variety to the levels and the teamwork aspect is pretty good but ultimately this is a portable action game that could have a lot better.
IGN (Jan 09, 2007)
Star Wars: Lethal Alliance offers a rewarding blend of action and platforming. While not revolutionary in any way, the action benefits from a high degree of flexibility thanks to an array of attack options and a helpful robot droid. In short, it looks good, runs well and only suffers from a few glitches here and there.
Don't you hate it when a game gets worse the longer you play it? Sadly, such is the case with Lethal Alliance, a promising addition to Star Wars lore that falls apart the deeper you move into its twisty corridors.
65 (Dec 15, 2006)
Star Wars : Lethal Alliance est un jeu d'action efficace qui parvient à cacher son manque d'ampleur derrière une réalisation de qualité. Agréable.
There's certainly a lot to love, yet equally as much to shake your fist and scream obscenities at in Lethal Alliance. Ubisoft was definitely on the right track, but the creativity just didn't pass over to the levels. The Sarlacc keeps it's victims alive in agony for thousands of years. On the plus side, Lethal Alliance will only inflict about eight hours of suffering upon you.
UOL Jogos (Dec 13, 2006)
"Star Wars: Lethal Alliance" brilha em alguns momentos, como nas fases de vôo e em algumas partes acrobáticas, que remetem ao melhor da trilogia "Prince of Persia", também criada pela Ubisoft, mas a maior parte fica comprometida com os tiroteios cuja mira automática traz mais caos que benefícios. Além disso, fica repetitivo muito rapidamente. Alguns extras tentam manter o interesse pelo jogo, mas, sem um multiplayer decente, isso acaba quando você terminar a campanha.
GameSpy (Dec 20, 2006)
Star Wars: Lethal Alliance does little to differentiate itself from the herd of third-person action games on PlayStation Portable. The Star Wars inclusion is too subtle to be considered a benefit and the action is ho-hum. But hey -- at least it's not a port of some average, year-old PS2 title.
GamePro (US) (Jan 08, 2007)
The game is mostly made up of shooting sequences that are far too easy but marred by control issues. The fact that you have access to a ton of cool moves and a droid companion is nice, but it doesn't quite make up for the bland environments or the wimpy enemies. There are much better action games out on the PSP than this one, so pass it by unless you're obsessed with Star Wars.
Deeko (Dec 16, 2006)
Star Wars: Lethal Alliance isn't the worst game you'll ever play, but it certainly is an exercise in mediocrity. The visual and aural presentation is great, but the single player game is riddled with moments of sheer tedium and you'll soon find yourself in situations you've seen over and over again. It's beyond repetitive and lacks any real fun factor. The multiplayer game isn't any better, so if you're buying this for the ad hoc gaming, you're going to be one sad camper. Overall, Star Wars: Lethal Alliance had a lot going for it — it just never managed to achieve anything more than being dull. If you're a Star Wars fan and have to have a fix, go for it, but do so with caution — as this one is a real stinker.
50 (UK) (Dec 22, 2006)
As a result what's left is a pretty game set in a compulsive universe which is sneakily derivative and, at its heart, stale, repetitive, average and lacking in any meaningful creativity. With Lego Star Wars 2 so incredibly well-replicated on the PSP for those wanting an interactive Star Wars fix this Christmas and with these borrowed mechanics far better implemented in the latest Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia titles, all drollery aside, really, this probably is not the game you are looking for.
Pro-G (Jan 08, 2007)
Lethal Alliance is not a total dud and, if you can forgive its repetitive nature, there is a fair amount of entertainment to be had when played in short bursts, but fans still deserve much more than that from a Star Wars game.