Super Stardust Portable Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
One of the many screens of game statistics
The available planets
Basic start with rocks hacking
The ship can use a boost to get out of smelly situations fast
Blowing up some stations to finish the levels
Some spaceworms
Flat out into an unfriendly crowd
Finishing one of the level's phases
Pissing off the boss of the first planet
Using the melter weapon in the jungle planet
The bombs are somehow attracted to me
I got to know the bombs too personally
Overloading the melter weapon
Trying to loot this transport ship
Tickling the boss of the jungle planet
Off with his head
A lava planet with a lot of ice on the orbit
These guys are tricky to shoot, they quickly go around you when you shoot at them
Overloading the rock crusher weapon
Jumping right in the middle of these guys
Overloading the ice splitter weapon