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SWAT: Target Liberty (PSP)

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SWAT: Target Liberty Credits


Lead ProgrammerAndrew Wright
Game ProgrammersDavid Kahler, Adam Koby
Menu / UI ProgrammerSerena Proudfoot
ScriptingRoy Hemenway, Robert Randall
Art DirectorRyan Cullins
Character ArtistJim Crabtree
Character AnimatorJosh Oakes
Additional Art and AnimationJames Hopperstead
3D ArtistsTodd Hritz, Dave Wellman, Mario Wiechec
Technical DirectorDylan Petty
Engine and ToolsEd Tumbusch
Additiondal ProgrammingJoshua Estes
Audio DirectorSean Murray
Additional Music Composed byMeditation Man, Groovehoover
CinematicsJace Stark
Associate ProducerTomalin Bailie
Chief Executive OfficerJames Kosta
Chief Operations OfficerWayne Schumacher
Special ThanksMike Wallis, Navgeet Zed, Jerome Hugues

Sierra Production

PresidentKelly Zmak
Executive ProducerKenneth Rosman
ProducerPaul Pawlicki
Associate ProducerGlenn Dphrepaulezz
SWAT ConsultantKenneth A. Thatcher
Writer and Creative ConsultantScott Rosenbaum

Sierra Audio Department (Sound)

Sound DirectorIain Ross
Sound Studio EngineerLin Gardiner
Sound Production CoordinatorNicole Pinto

Sierra Technical Department

VP, TechnologyBrian Leake
Technical DirectorSean Palmer

Sierra Creative Department

VP, CreativeChris Miller
Associate Producer - CreativeJacob Zabie

Sierra Marketing

Senior VP of Global MarketingAl Simone
Director, Brand MarketingMatthew Geyer
Global Brand ManagerEd Lin
Associate Brand ManagerDamian Garcia
Director, Interactive MarketingHal Paris
Senior Manager, Interactive MarketingJack Walker
Coordinators, Interactive MarketingChad Nimmo, Eric So

Sierra Public Relations

Associate PR ManagerMichael Cerven

Sierra Creative Services

Creative DirectorMichael Bannon
Senior Accountant SupervisorMichelle Garnier-Winkler
Production ManagerAnthony Rietta

Sierra Legal

Senior ParalegalKevin Crook
ParalegalPam Teller

Sierra Consumer Research

VP, Global Market ResearchJanice Charlton
Sr. Manager, Consumer ResearchLinda Howard
Sr. Research Analyst, Consumer ResearchEric Culqui

Sierra Media Productions

VP, Media ProductionsJames Carey
Video EditorsAndrew Pierce, Tonya Stumphauzer
WriterMichael Hall
Supervisor of Media ProductionsAmy Allison
Image SpecialistsKevin Hill, Blake Hill

Sierra Quality Assurance

Senior Director of Quality AssuranceSamer Raad
Studio Support Services - Office ManagerAnna Booth
Studio Support Services Administration AssistantNuria Andres
Senior QA ManagerMichael Gonzales
QA ManagerCalvin Wong
Project LeadDwayne Zamora
QA TestersJordan Rush, Jaime Acosta, Todd Ingram, Bob Hanscum, Sunny Leon, Gabriel Hidalgo, Candy Capen, Charles Davis, Ashlee Gabb
Additional TestingRenny Chang, Mike Muscet
Technical Requirements Group ManagerGrant Bryson
Technical Requirements Group Senior SupervisorsJoseph Olivas, Ali Raza
Technical Requirements Group Assistant SupervisorThomas Craven
Technical Requirements Group TestersRobert Gardner, Brian Jones, Ryan Meloncon, Joshua Singleton, Eric Pietro, Shannon Olexiewicz, Altheria Weaver, Paco Erskine
QA SupervisorsJames Pasque, Marcus Quinn
Burn Lab SupervisorsAfolabi Akibola, Chris Miller
Burn Lab Configuration EngineersTyree Deramus, Brad Graber, Jose Hernandez, Gene Shaw, Alvin Broussard, James Pratt-Young, John St. John
End User Support TechniciansMark Smith, Jett Castaneda
Project Leads VUPC GroupBrandon Valdez, Cyra Talton, Fausto Lorenzano
Senior Engineer VUPC GroupRichard Benavides

Voice Actors

SWAT Team Leader (Player)Justin Gross
SWAT Officer Zack 'Hollywood Fields'Chris Edgerly
SWAT Officer Allen 'Python' JacksonMichael Ralph
SWAT Officer Steven 'Gramps' ReynoldsScott S. Bullock
SWAT Officer Tony 'Subway' GirardNolan North
SWAT Captain Kevin PetersonMark Oliver
Agent RidelSimon Hussey
Nangung SeungBrian Dobson
PresidentBrian Dobson
GeneralMark Oliver
Building ManagerIain Ross
NewscasterJennifer Kitchen
Seung's WifeValerie Sing-Turner
Masiab KalmarMark Oliver
Co‑pilotPhil Carey
Misc. In‑game VOMark Oliver, Simon Hussey, Brian Dobson, Phil Carey, Iain Ross, Jennifer Kitchen, Valerie Sing-Turner

Sierra Localization Team

Studio DirectorPaul Murray
Localization ManagerEithne Hagan
Project ManagerAnnette Lee
Quality Assurance ManagerYvonne Costello
Quality Assurance Project LeadRussell Perrin

Sierra Global Teams

VP International MarketingChloë Rothwell
Global Brand Coordination ManagerDeana Erickson
International Marketing ManagerThomas Séris
Executive VP European SalesXochilt Balzola-Widmann, Adam Roberts
Planning and New Releases ManagerErika Thiong-Soui-Ho
Publishing DirectorAnnick Decrop
European Publishing ManagerDominique Chevallier
Operations Deputy Director - Purchasing DirectorFabien Tislé
Legal & Business AffairsMyriam Lamy
Market IntelligenceGrégoire Gabalda

Sierra Special Thanks

CEOBruce Hack
President, Worldwide StudiosMartin Tremblay
Executive VP, Chief Strategy and Marketing OfficerCindy Cook
Executive VP, Global SalesPascal Brochier
Technical Art DirectorFernando Medrano
Lead ArtistHani Ghazaleh
Special ThanksRadical Entertainment

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (130241)