Advertising Blurbs :
    Precise. Swift. Deadly. Logan's back.

    Covert ops specialist Gabe Logan returns to combat a new world threat.

    • 30 plus globe-spanning missions, from Garmisch to Helsinki
    • 'Precision Strike' gameplay providing intense action and heart-pounding stealth
    • Game Sharing facility, plus extensive Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Mode support for up to eight players

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    An action-packed, death-defying chase across the world.

    A terrorist group named Red Section attempts to hold the world to ransom with a terrifying
    weapon known only as Dark Mirror. Gabe Logan, a shadowy government agent is
    dispatched to stop them.

    As Logan, you specialise in missions too dangerous for conventional intelligence
    resources and too sensitive for a military response.

    Take command of Logan's covert operation agency in this amazing stealth-shooter with
    enhanced PlayStation 2 graphics and controls. You will have to save the world from Dark
    Mirror before it's too late.

    Red Section has attacked KemSynth Petroleum in Alaska and stolen a weapons research
    project codenamed Dark Mirror. All you know of this secretly developed weapon is that its
    power is unprecedented and that its use would threaten the existence of civilisation.

    You must track Dark Mirror down and return it to safe hands - a mission that will lead you
    on an action-packed, death-defying chase across the world.

    There are no rules of engagement and no chain of command; your brief is to infiltrate - and
    to execute decisively.

    • More than 30 edge-of-seat missions around the world stand between you and Dark
    • Stunning cinematic presentation and incredible visuals.
    • Enhanced controls and state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment to even the odds.

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Press release (2nd February 2006):

    Logan's Back

    Syphon Filter Breaches PSPs Perimeter Defenses

    A black op mission for an agency that doesn't officially exist

    The fate of the world lies in your hands

    Gabe Logan, the renowned Precision Strike Operative from Syphon Filter is back and working for a black ops US agency that doesn't officially exist – even to the President! After being listed as M.I.A after his previous mission, Gabe returns for another deadly surgical strike, but this time on the PSP™(PlayStation®Portable).

    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror™, due for release in the summer 2006, has no rules and no chain of command. Logan's job is to infiltrate, recon and execute decisively - on his mission to retrieve Dark Mirror...a weapon which threatens the lives of all those on the planet...

    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is tailor made for PSP, which allowed the developers to create exclusive and exciting gameplay linked to each of Logan's main objectives. To 'Infiltrate' locations around the globe, Gabe has acquired a new rifle that uses the latest darts technology, and now has access to a range of vision enhancement goggles. There is enhanced AI with new behaviours and awareness states, such as idle, curious and alarmed! Once in Logan has to carry out life or death decisions thanks to precision aiming and new lethal melee attacks with hands and knife.

    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror also features a host of other new additions to make gameplay more enjoyable and realistic; the graphics engine has been completely overhauled to take advantage of the PSP's full visual capacity; a dynamic difficulty structure has been implemented to prevent frustration creeping in; plus there is a bonus mission for fans of the franchise which clarifies the ending of the previous episode - Omega Strain.

    The game includes 23 single player missions and five multi-purpose online maps. You have the ability to create your own agent, and the highest ranking players can play as Gabe or as the enemy Commander and have access to unique weapons.

    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror allows you to experience the rush of being on the front-line in the war against global terrorism. Keep your senses alert because one minute you are engaging in undercover recon and the next you're blasting your way through a guarded gate or crashing through a skylight on a mission to save the world.

    Contributed by Sciere (505776) on Apr 29, 2006.

Back of Case - PSP (US):
    When a mission is too dangerous for government intelligence, too sensitive for military response... only one man is armed and ready.


    Once inserted into the field, Gabe operates on his own authority. Take control of this Precision Strike operative as he uses stealth, state of the art weaponry, and the authorization to use deadly force to uncover the latest threat to global security, a project only known as DARK MIRROR.

    30+ missions

    Online multiplayer

    State of the art weaponry

    Close range combat


    Contributed by Sciere (505776) on Apr 29, 2006.