Taito Legends: Power-Up Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Language select screen at start-up (European version)
Intro movie
Intro movie
Intro movie
Intro movie
Intro movie
Title Screen
Main Menu
Game selection menu: choose from various arcade classics.
Crazy Balloon: instructions
Playing Crazy Balloon in the original resolution.
Crazy Balloon rotated and scaled to the PSP screen height.
Crazy Balloon rotated and fully stretched to PSP screen size.
Crazy Balloon 2005 is an updated version of several arcade classics in this collection. The games have been remade for the PSP.
Crazy Balloon 2005 features new graphics and stages.
Qix also comes with illustrated instructions.
Qix: another classic playable on the PSP (original resolution).
Qix rotated and scaled to PSP screen height.
Qix rotated and fully stretched to the PSP screen.