Talisman of Death Credits


Original ConceptSteve Jackson, Ian Livingstone
Game DesignJake Cooper, Alasdair Evans, Paul Carpenter
ProgrammingPaul Carpenter
Additional ProgrammingRichard Thorn
ArtworkJake Cooper, Paul Morgan
3D ArtworkMarc Keeling Vincent
Audiowww.stockmusic.com, www.soundrangers.com, www.SoundJay.com
ProducerAlasdair Evans
QA TestingSteven Barber, Ross Brierley, Ben Rogers, Ben Wicks, Joe Barnard
Systems AdministratorBen Wicks
Development ManagerDaren Morgan
Head of DevelopmentStephen Morgan
DirectorKhaled Lababedi
Official Fighting Fantasy websitewww.fightingfantasy.com
Fighting Fantasy if a trademark owned bySteve Jackson, Ian Livingstone
Developed byLaughing Jackal Ltd

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202601)