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Virtua Tennis: World Tour (PSP)

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Virtua Tennis: World Tour Credits

SEGA Europe Limited Staff

CEONaoya Tsurumi
Development DirectorGary Dunn
Creative DirectorMatthew Woodley
Director of European MarketingGary Knight
Senior ProducerBen Gunstone
PresidentMichael Hayes
COOMichael Hayes
Head of Brand MarketingHelen Nicholas
European PR ManagerLynn Daniel
Senior Brand ManagerMatt Eyre
Assistant Brand ManagerMark Cook
International Brand ManagerBen Stevens
Licensing ManagerNivine Emeran
Creative ServicesTom Bingle, Akane Hiraoka
Localisation TeamDaniela Kaynert, Brigitte Nadesan, Marta Lois González, Giuseppe Rizzo
QA ManagerMark LeBreton
QA SupervisorsDarius Sadeghian, Marlon Grant
Master Tech.Trevor Barnes
Global Lead TesterEd Bushell
TestersDavid Milmine, Ricky Ip, Dwayne Buck, Justin Shehata, Ben Howell, Ezzet-Charbel Baccache, Russell Keawpanna
TRC SpecialistsMichael Hanley, Ben Andac
Language LeadsOlivier Banal, Max Brode
Language TestersJean-Baptiste Bagot, Luis J. Paredes, Alessandro Irranca, Begoña Escorihuela
SOE Special ThanksRon Angle, Sarah Bailey, Carolina Relandini, Andy Roddick, Air Studios, Ken Meyerson, Laurent Delanney, Justine Magazine, Jamie Evans, Patrick McGee, Stephen Curnow, David Massey, The SOJ Licensing Team, A Creative Experience

Sumo Digital Ltd.

ProducersMark Glossop, Steve Lycett
Lead ProgrammerPhilip Rankin
Lead ArtistAndy Ritson
ProgrammingAndrew Chapman, Niall Dunne, David Walters, Jonathan Watson, Steve Camber
Art TeamChantal Beaumont, Daniel Crossland, Ira Hill, Christopher Samwell
DesignTravis Ryan
Sumo QAJody Hindle
Chief Operations OfficerCarl Cavers
Creative DirectorDarren Mills
Technical DirectorPaul Porter
Sumo Special ThanksAshley Bennett, Ali Davidson, Craig Wright, Mie Kumagai

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (251158)