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World Tour Soccer (PSP)

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World Tour Soccer Credits

London Studio

SystemsPaul Edridge, Ilan Copelyn, Mark Stanley, Joe Milner-Moore, Chris Carty, Simon Whittaker, Jordi Guerrero, Ben Woodhall
Graphics ProgrammingAndy Gill, Ben Nicholson, Elizabeth Hodges, Mark Swinhoe, David L'Hostis
AI ‑ GameplayPaul Riga, Paul Denning, Adam Doherty, Mike Lewin, Douglas Cowan, Vegard Ovrelid, Rob Holderness
MultiplayerBarry Ptak, Mark Anderon, John Campbell, Simon Dawson, Simon Watson
Additional ProgrammingJames Cox
CharactersJames Broadley, Frazer Brown, Edward Peretti, James Kelly
EnviromentsPaul Rance, Chris Solarski
AnimationBruce Millar, Rachel Larkum
Graphic DesignDavid Kirkland, Oliver Wright
Additional Graphic DesignDennis Ng-Kwing-Cheung
Game DesignAnthony Inwood, Simon Hermitage, Ian MacDonald, David Sharrock, Jamie Gerig, Sean Kennedy
SoundSteven Huckle, Dan Bardino, Sergio Pimentel, Martin Hewett, David Ranyard
Technical LeadSean Turner
Art LeadDavid Hamblin
ProductionAnne Christine Gasc, Tony Racine
Game DirectorBen Fawcett
Vice President, DevelopmentJamie Macdonald
EVP of DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Studio AdministrationVicky Lord, Kate Acland, Ben Hunter, Carole Wright, Genevieve Davey, Lesley Randall
Manager of Special ProjectsRichard Milner
European Product ManagerStuart Turner
Manual DesignDavid Kirkland, Mike Alder
Package DesignDavid Kirkland, Mike Alder
Manual and Packaging TextRussell Coburn, Jamie Gerig
Head of QAGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Internal QA SupervisorGary Spencer
Lead TesterAlan Mawer, Matt Osborne
TRC SupervisorPaul French
DuplicationCraig Duddle, Christopher Stanley
Submission QA ManagerDave Bennett
QA Manual ApprovalClare Crawley, Jayson King
QA Localization SupervisorDomenico Visone
QA Localization Lead TesterNadine Martin
LocalizationVanessa Wood, Jennifer Rees
CommentaryPeter Drury, Chris Kamara
Motion Capture ActorsArturo Bernhardt, Paul Canning, Brad Jones, Matt Norris, Matt Sherran, Richard Short, Daniel Williams
Special ThanksPaul Barron, Everyone at Middlesbrough FC, PUMA, Touch‑line, HOK Sport LTD.


Life - Moviedrome (Zebra Traffic)Lyrics written and performed by Life, Produced by DJ Nappa, Cuts by Mr Thing, Taken from The Life album - 'Everyday Life' [ZEBTRAFCD/LP005], Published by Full Thought Publishing, www.zebratraffic.co.uk, (P) Zebra Traffic 2003, © Zebra Traffic 2003
Made of StonePerformed by The Stone Roses, Ian Brown (Writer), John Squire (Writer), Published by Zomba Music Publishers Ltd/BMG Music Publishing Ltd, (P) 1989 Silvertone Records Ltd., Licensed courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainment Ltd.
Kiss Ya Lips (No I.D.)Ian Brown (Performer/Words/Music), Words and Music by Moss / Da Costa / Beadle, Published by Sony / ATV Music Publishing, Courtesy of Polydor UK Ltd, Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division part of the Universal Music Group
I Only Want YouPerformed by Eagles of Death Metal, Jesse Hughes (Writer - Fabulous Weapon Music), Joshua Michael Homme (Writer - Boardstiff Music), Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd, From the album Peace Love and Death Metal, Rekords Rekords, www.RekordsRekords.com

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Credits for this game were contributed by thf (152368) and havoc of smeg (12592)