Worms: Open Warfare Credits (PSP)

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Worms: Open Warfare Credits

Team 17 Software Ltd.

Lead ArtistRico Holmes
ArtistsJimmy Storey, Paul Sigerson
AnimationAndrew Morriss
FMVChristian Sjöström
DesignJohn Eggett, Kevin Carthew
ProducerPaul Kilburn
Production assistantKelvin Aston
Junior production assistantRichard Payne, Andy Aveyard
Lead programmerIan Lindsey
ProgrammersColin Poulter, Dave Hillier, Kev Lamont
AI ProgrammerMartin Swaine
Weapons ProgrammerLaurie Dobson
MusicBjørn A. Lynne
SoundFXBjørn A. Lynne
Credits musicIan Lindsey
TestingAndy Aveyard, Richard Payne

THQ - Product Development

Project ManagerPhillip Wright
Head of Product Development, EuropeDuncan Scott Kershaw
Creative DirectorVince Farquharson
Art DirectorColin Seaman


Executive Vice President, Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Senior Vice President, Business DevelopmentDan Kelly
Executive Vice President, Worldwide PublishingKelly Flock
Business Development DirectorAndrew Walker
Global Brand Management DirectorMichael Pattison
Senior Global Brand ManagerMickey Torode
Assistant Global Brand ManagerAnthony Newall
Global PR ManagerGuy Cunis
Product Manager USADave Newman
Media Relations CoordinatorCraig Mitchell
Product Marketing Manager, UK & ExportJon Rooke
Marketing Executive, UK & ExportElizabeth Blackman
PR Manager, UK & ExportGreg Jones
Online Marketing, UKHuw Beynon
Export Sales Manager, UKGayle Shepherd
Assistant Product Manager, GermanyOezkan Oezarslan
Head of PR, GermanyGeorg Reckenthäler
PR Manager, GermanyJochen Langenbach
Senior Product Manager, Asia PacificElizabeth Kotevska
PR & Promotions Co-ordinator, Asia PacificKatherine Charles
Product Manager, FranceBenoît Bohet
PR Manager, FranceJérôme Benzadon
Product Manager, SpainJavier Mañú
PR Manager, SpainJorge Nicolás Vázquez
International Art Director, ICSTill Enzmann
DTP Operator, ICSAnja Untiet, Detlef Tapper, Dirk Offenberg, Jens Spangenberg, Jörg Stauvermann, Ramona Sackers, Ramona Stell
Localization DirectorSusanne Dieck
Localization EngineerBernd Kurtz
Localization CoordinatorAndreas Herbertz
Localization AssistantPatrick Fedtke
Global Localization ManagerAmy Small
Localization SpecialistErik O'Keady
Director, Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
QA ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda
Test SupervisorNickolas Gardner
Test LeadTammy Wong
TestersDean Estrella, Jason Van Kemseke, Michael Manley, Tom Lintern, Keith Kuramoto
First Party SupervisorJason Tani
First Party SpecialistsAlexis Ladd, Michael Ricco, David Marino, Robin Torres, Arielle J
QA TechniciansRichard Jones, David Wilson
Master Lab TechniciansCharles Batarse, Glen Peters, Anthony Dunnet, Thomas Arnold
Database Applications EngineersJason Roberts, Brian Kincaid
Game Evaluation TeamSean Heffron, F. Scott Frazier, Matt Elzie
THQ ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Germaine Gioia, Jenni Carlson, Julien Socquet-Clerc, Stefan Kopinski, Simon Deal, Dan Golding, Pierre Hintze, Jon D'Cruz

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