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TurboGrafx-16ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Apr, 1990)
PARANOIA wird somit niemals unfair schwierig, sondern bietet Action total für die Ballerfans, die sich gut einschießen können. Abgerundet wird das Ganze von dem verrückten Outfit, der einwandfreien Programmierung und den erstklassigen Game-on-Sounds, die für Stimmung sorgen. PARANOIA ist eben das „etwas andere Ballerspiel“ und sorgt für langfristigen Spielspaß. Baller-Enthusiasten kommen voll auf ihre Kosten!
TurboGrafx-16Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Sep, 1990)
Psychosis is a good shooter in the same vein as R-Type, with options, weapons, and an alien armada large enough to take out even the best players. The pastel look of the game needs to get lost, but the play is the thing, and in this department it wins!
TurboGrafx-16TurboPlay (Aug, 1990)
Oh, did I mention that this game is tough (an understatement actually)? Just in case you don't agree, after you finish the first five stages, it repeats and picks up the pace a bit. How's the speed of light to grab you? This is one horizontal shooter that only hard-core gamers will love. [rank in issue #5]
TurboGrafx-161UP! (Oct 05, 2007)
Paranoia n'est au fond qu'un shoot'em up ordinaire. A vrai dire, quand on y regarde de plus près, on a l'impression qu'il n'a pas été conçu volontairement comme un jeu disparate mais qu'il s'est retrouvé comme ça un peu par hasard, avec des niveaux d'inspiration maritime, d'autres exotiques et un parfaitement conventionnel, et que pour unifier le tout les auteurs lui ont donné cette thématique de l'esprit, ce nom prometteur de Paranoia, une belle illustration et ont espéré que le chaland morde à l'hameçon.
TurboGrafx-16Retrogaming History (Jan 18, 2010)
Tirando le conclusioni, Paranoia (o Psychosis, versione epurata dai contenuti a mio avviso piu divertenti) rimane decisamente nella media degli shooter in stile molto arcade del periodo. Se da una parte la meccanica di gioco non può entusiasmare i giocatori più attenti ma soltanto intrattenerli, dall'altra potranno rimanere divertiti (o, a scelta, disgustati) dalla verve bizzarra e dalla grafica particolarmente variegata di questo interessante titolo di inizio anni '90.
TurboGrafx-16Power Play (Apr, 1990)
Objektiv gesehen ist Paranoia ein ordentliches Actionspiel, aber die überragende Qualität der Konkurrenz-Produkte macht ihm schaffen, Für Ballerspiel-Mittelmaß ist in der PC-Engine-Welt kein Platz mehr.
TurboGrafx-16HonestGamers (Jan 11, 2014)
Psychosis is a decent, but not particularly great, shooter. While you can dismiss my complaints about the game not being as bizarre as we ought to expect from a title that purports to take place in a person’s mind, the fact that the experience only consists of five levels can't be disputed. What I played was perfectly respectable fun, but lacked a bit too much for me to see it as anything more than a brief diversion. In an era where many very good shooters were released across multiple platforms, this one rates as little more than a decent one with unfulfilled potential.
TurboGrafx-16Play Time (Sep, 1991)
Insgesamt ein ganz nettes Spielchen, doch unter Action-Ballerspielen sicherlich nicht einzigartig. Der nun folgende Test von XEVIOUS beweist, das es noch um einiges besser geht.
50 (UK) (Mar 07, 2008)
With almost nothing else to add to the shoot-'em-up tapestry it's hard to recommend Psychosis, especially when so many of its superior peers are already available. If you've already played through R-Type and Gradius and all the other decent-to-great shmups on the Virtual Console then...well, then play them again. Beat your high score. There's little here to justify another purchase.
WiiNintendo Life (Feb 26, 2008)
Psychosis is an interesting game with decent visuals and punchy sound, but it’s badly let down by the inconsistent difficulty level. There are far better examples of shooters currently available on the Virtual Console, but if you’ve sampled them all and want something a bit different, then you could do a lot worse than splash your Wii points on this little-known blaster.
TurboGrafx-16Random Access (Jan 08, 2011)
There really isn't much else to discuss about Psychosis, other than the fact that it is very unusual. I have read numerous other reviews of Psychosis, though they are few and far between. They all seemed to give it the same grade I was initially going to prescribe, so I believe that the inclusion of my assessment into the pack makes it official: Psychosis is an average game. It has nothing great going for it, and it has nothing absolutely disgraceful against it either. If you are a fan of the shmup genre, feel free to try this one out, either via an actual Turbo-Grafx 16 (which is the least likely option), or, more surprisingly, via the Wii's Virtual Console service. Prepare yourself for a freaky ride, but don't expect to be amazed.
TurboGrafx-16HonestGamers (Jun 14, 2007)
Once you finally free yourself, you probably won’t feel the need to relive the journey. There’s this little brown alien that gives you the finger whenever you beat a level (by far the most showing aspect in the game), but he doesn’t even do that in the American version! So really, I don’t know what more I could possibly say about Paranoia because even though it starts out with so much promise, it ends up turning it into an afterthought. A fleeting dream.
TurboGrafx-16Génération 4 (Apr, 1990)
Le jeu est beau, les graphismes assez fins, mais il n'accroche pas. Je vous ferai grâce du scénario, qui est si peu crédible que je ne vous en parlerai pas. Voilà enfin un jeu que je n'aime pas sur la console Nec.
TurboGrafx-16The Video Game Critic (Jun 01, 2006)
The graphics are not particularly attractive, and there's an annoying amount of flicker. The futuristic soundtrack is decent, but the sound effects are weak. Three continues are available, but the game doesn't even bother to display your score once you lose your last life. Psychosis is a playable diversion, but it certainly doesn't compare favorably to the other fine shooters the system has to offer.