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P.T.O. - Pacific Theater of Operations IV

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PlayStation 2GameSpy
It's safe to assume, however, that anyone playing P.T.O. IV is much less interested in graphics than gameplay, and P.T.O. IV delivers heapin' helpings of the latter. I found myself constantly going back to the game to "fact-check" my review instead of just submitting the damn thing, which is always a good sign. If you're a 90-year-old veteran looking to relive the most horrific part of your long life, or you're just a strategy gamer looking for a fix, P.T.O. IV is an excellent choice.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
While I found it a little strange that a Japanese company would want to revisit that country's naval campaign of World War II, I also found it very enjoyable.
PlayStation 2GameSpot
While it possesses great overall depth, P.T.O. IV is by no means an unqualified success. The weak tactical game, the lack of an adjustable difficulty setting, and the sometimes cumbersome interface are likely to turn off anyone who isn't a fan of the genre. That said, the game isn't really meant to be accessible. The versatility of the campaign mode and the attention to historical detail should easily appeal to many strategy fans, particularly WWII buffs. Chalk this one up as a partial victory for developer Koei.
Il y a un bon fond dans Pacific Theater Of Operations mais il y a surtout trop de défauts et de manques. Techniquement à la rue, sa partie stratégie est bien fournie mais la tactique souffre d'un IA pas très douée dont on doit s'accommoder faute de pouvoir opérer un commandement vraiment complet. Si le jeu avait été un peu plus loin de ce côté, il se serait avéré nettement moins frustrant.