Pu-Li-Ru-La Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Magic clock
Title Screen.
Your mission.
Let's go.
Bash them.
More baddies to bash.
The end of round boss.
Get the key.
Your smart-bomb.
Map of the land.
A bit icy.
Weird baddies.
Fight the knight.
Another boss.
Getting weird.
Baddies turn into animals when defeated.
Play as girl
Microwave attack!
In the face!
Weird enemies
Giant leg
Weird flies?
Life lost
Yep, Japanese game
Yet another weird moment
On desert
Baseball heads
Unicycles enemies
Cute witch
Yet another boss
Sad town
baby chickens
Yet another boss!
Fight in water
Knight with naginata
Power attack!
Flying jellyfishes
Deadly plant
Last boss
Game Over

FM Towns version

Title screen
Evil appears
The hero sets off
Choosing the protagonist
Talking to the old wizard
First level: town streets
Defeated enemies turn into cute animals
Battle against recurrent dudes near a sewers entrance
The first boss battle
Level progression
If you leave him alone he will sit like this
This boss is a giant face
I swear I'm not making this up
Heavily hit by angry toys near a 3D castle
Giant legs in red stockings try to crush you
More psychedelic images
What have you been smoking, my friend?..
Battle with very weird guys, with a photorealistic sumo background
A lonely flying guy hits me in the desert
I've defeated the desert boss - a flood ensues, and colored snails appear
Battle in a hand-drawn city
Crazy plants
This boss must be a shaman
Bonus level with indecent fish
Attacked by plants near a strange background
Twisted old city
Demonic images?

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Keys get stolen by villain
Boy and girl receive "magical sticks"
Level one enemies
Need to think first before going down there...
Wasn't me who hurt that guy
Level two
Just crazy
This is even more crazy