Pulstar Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Going into battle.
Stage 1.
First wave.
Destroy that .
Avoid them boosters.
Keep blasting.
Missed a robot carrying a power-up.
Snake to destroy.
Blasting underwater.
Mid stage boss.
Watch those claws.
Bigger aliens.
Awesome power.
The end of stage boss building himself.
The boss.

Pulstar Screenshots

Neo Geo version

From the intro: our heroine runs to her fighter.
Title screen
Level selection
Cut-scene: time to launch
About to begin stage one
A narrow passage
Enemy down
That's one ugly enemy.
Flying in the underwater cave.
A large worm-like enemy
Attack on a large space station
Note to self: ship is not laser proof
Looks like she's out cold.
Game over