The Punisher Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Intro - Punisher himself
Intro - female officer
Punisher telling story to officers
One way to interrogate (general)
Another way to interrogate (environmental)
Punisher can aim
Punisher can't kill innocent people
Punisher making an entry
Slaughter mode
This is environmental interrogation hot-spot with skull
Interrogation (punching).
Special interrogation.
Quick kill with shotgun.
The Punisher is real butcher.
The game is very brutal.
You're dead!
Another way to interrogate people.
The Punisher in Carlo Duka's office (Cut-scene)
More enemies on the way.
The Zoo.
Frank continues to find new ways to intimidate people.
Teaming up with Black Widow
The appropriate response when encountering The Punisher.
Target list in your apartment.
News clippings in your apartment reflect previous levels.
Punisher changes outfits a few times through the story.
Teaming up with Nick Fury.
Some decent smoke and light effects.
Fighting in a high-rise under construction.
Forcing a meeting at Fisk Towers
The Q key will instantly kill nearby enemies.
Investigating a lead at Stark Towers.
Bullets shatter glass.
Iron Man cameo.
Crashing a funeral
Censored version of an execution.
Tab puts Frank into rage mode until his charge runs out.