The Punisher Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Intro - I am the Punisher!
Select character
First scene
Guns are more common in this game than in most beat'em ups.
The first boss.
Short cut scene
The flamethrower is very convenient.
Second boss
Continue screen
Gruesome details.
Stage 3 intro
Brutal street shootout
Robots and ninja girls
Stage 3 boss - Bone Breaker
Stage clear screen
Bonus round
On a moving train
Fighting on top of the train
Ka-Blam you mobsters!
Hitting Bushwacker with a spear
Kingpin appears before stage 5 to taunt the heroes
The heroes joking
Burning the sewer rats
Three big guys at once
How many robots does the New York mafia have?
Forest scene
A more powerful Guardroid is the boss of stage 5
Dialogue before the final stage
The mob is ever so strong in Kingpin's hotel
On top of a moving elevator. The heroes can pick up and throw dynamite
Showdown with Kingpin

Genesis version

Setting up the scene for New York.
Background story on Frank Castle, the Punisher. This isn't revenge, it's punishment.
Title screen and main menu
Select 1 player or 2 players.
Starting stage 1.
You see the stage end boss, Scully, but won't fight him yet.
Goons you fight on the street.
You will fight the stage boss in a bus.
Stage 1 cleared. You defeated Scully.
Your score and stats for stage 1
A last 'friendly' chat with Scully
Stage 2
The story of stage 2
Starting stage 2
After fighting by the pool, you go into the castle.
Smash open these doors to rescue ladies in distress.
Do I fight all these guys?
Nope. I fight this monstrosity.
I beat him. I KNEW Kingpin was behind this!
Stage 2 cleared. I beat Guardroid.
My stage 2 score and stats
Stage 3
Starting stage 3.
The stage 3 boss is Bone Breaker.
Stage 3 cleared.
My stage 3 score and stats
If you beat the game on EASY level, Kingpin laughs at you and says try it on NORMAL mode.
The end
Play as Nick Fury (technically, game should be named "Punisher & Nick Fury")
High jump
Time to fight against first boss
Fight near pool
Catch enemy