Puppies Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's start screen. This version came from Idigicon's '5 Games For Girls'
A puppy has been selected and named. The maximum length of name is twelve characters.
The game starts in the kitchen. The status bars in the lower right show the puppy is not hungry, not thirsty, has no desire to defecate, is not tired but does not feel loved. Time for a stroke
The Poo indicator, the middle status bar in the lower right, indicates a pressing need and the game helpfully points this out
In the garden. Clicking on Stroke changes the cursor to a hand which the player waves over the puppy. He likes it and the player's point count increases
In the garden with the puppy and showing the menu potion that changes location. Though the garden looks nice there's nothing here that the player, or puppy, can interact with
This is the Living Room, the third location in the game
The in-game help file consists of just two simple screens
Do puppy's actually use scratch poles? He certainly didn't seem interested in his ball
The puppy is asleep. Everyone say aaaaaahhhh.
When the player exits the puppy waves Bye Bye