The Purity of the Surf Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Game's author
Main Menu
Starting the game as Josh near his house
Meeting Thakbor on the beach
Thakbor is controlled everywhere by his Mom
Mr. Reaper is a lifeguard
Visiting Surf Shack
Elandra bought swimsuit for Davy Jones based on her own viewpoint, while she is wearing a coat over swimsuit for some reason
Map of the beach
Selecting the office to visit in the building
Visiting Maria Scotterson in her Cloudy Days Real Estate office
Alley bum in 'narrrator' role
Naked are allowed in Italian Restaurant
Melt & Drake are hiding in the basement
Getting a Mika Huy's job in Realiser
Finding a chicken instead of a cat along with Max Griff
Mika Huy in swimsuit
Brainwashed clerk is in his position in Yahtzeebrand general store
Mr. Reaper and Knoffel are building sand castles
Elandra is testing a surfing board for Davy Jones
Jhon Steel is searching for something on the cliff
Giving a case for Max Griff
Enjoying the party
In the dream
Starting the contest
Thakbor is a 1st opponent
Davy Jones is a 2nd opponent
Zombie Michael Gower is a 3rd opponent
A big wave ahead
Comments describe the situation
Popping up the wave
Conquering the wave
Congratulation to Joshua
The End