Pushover Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro: Colin Curly needs help to recover his snacks
Main menu
First level
Moving a brick
Level complete
After each level ants assemble the level code out of bricks
I failed
Every time a level is successfully completed you get a token
Hmm, how do a bridge the gap?
Fun video game fact: Ants can't fly
That wasn't supposed to happen

DOS version

title screen (soon, this small ant - you, will knock the letters down)
intro scene (act of confusment)
intro scene (now, now, you gotta help your friend)
main menu
level one, and not much time to think
getting a password
these bricks look tough to carry around
this is how it all works
to shoot up, you must aim high
building a bridge
building a bridge
this ant has really cute moves
this looks complicated... but it ain't
different ambient changes after few dozen of levels
this is one of the tricky ones

SNES version

Title screen / Main menu.
First level
Carrying a domino
Pushed them over
Done it
Next level
Removing a Stopper
Done another level
What the dominoes do