Putt-Putt Enters the Race Screenshots

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Windows version

The game's beginning
These are the things Putt-Putt needs to find before he can enter the race - in Cartown they don't even provide obvious things such as starting numbers.
The toy shop, already known from the first Putt-Putt game.
One of several minigames - pinball at the toy store
Outback Al from "Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo"!
And this is Al's pet lemur
Smokey the Fire Engine puts out the fire.
There's a book on "odd animals" at the library - that's one of the animals presented.
Another page from the "odd animals" book
Putt-Putt helps a cat get down from the tree (I know a case of a tiger getting stuck in a tree... it's better for Putt-Putt that no one keeps tigers at Cartown...).
Going to the farm
Delivery for Mr. Baldini!
Revisiting the farm - another delivery
Another great minigame - sort all the trash
Putt-Putt at the carwash
The race is on!
Little Putt-Putt won the race!