Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo Screenshots

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Windows version

The title screen
Mr. Baldini has a bag of Zoo Chow he needs Putt-Putt to deliver.
Cartown billboard!
Outback Al wants to open the zoo, but these animal babies are missing - guess who's off to find them?
Putt-Putt is about to do a Tarzan thing!
Found the baby giraffe, blocked by a rock...why doesn't he just go through the cave behind him?
Poor Mama snake weeps as she tells Putt-Putt about her missing child.
A very unhappy hippo
Here's Kenya, the missing lion cub, somehow stuck on a ledge in the middle of a waterfall.
In this hide-and-seek game the zebra doesn't seem very well hidden.
That's a look of utter terror - this baby elephant is paralyzed by fear of (guess!) a mouse.
Give Putt-Putt a snazzy paint job.
A hockey mini-game, just like air hockey
Everybody's dancin' to the penguin boombox - even Pep!
These ice floes have to be re-aligned into a path for the young hippo.
Putt-Putt takes a quick snapshot of the reunited snakes.
Animal photos can be printed.
Outback Al's map of the Cartown Zoo
Conferring with the seals - Putt-Putt always has a cheerful grin despite the sadness of the moment.
Rescuing the lost seal.
Opening day goes off without a hitch - thanks to Putt-Putt!
Animal-shaped bushes at the entrance sing a song - here's a part of their "videoclip"
Another shot from the zoo welcome song
Entrance to the icy section with a dreaming rabbit - one of those funny little touches so abundant in Putt Putt games
The watering hole with many animals (and an opportunity to play a minigame)
The little seal is stuck
Rescuing the lion cub
The reunited lion pride (with an older cub hunting a butterfly)
The zoo is now open!
If you pick up the free camera at the entrance, you can take pictures of animals - here are some cute cheetahs.
The little snake is so cold he can't move - but Putt-Putt has something to warm him up!
A cameo appearance by Freddi Fish & Luther!
At the place where you rescue the lion cub you can also look through a telescope - here you can see the older lion cubs.
Looking through the telescope again - this time we can see Freddi Fish and her pelican friend.
The credits with three giraffes - Masai, her mother and a giraffe-shaped balloon from the zoo souvenir cart!