Puyo Puyo 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Legal screen
Act against drugs - how exactly?
Title screen
Best records
Select 1 or 2 players
Choose arena (2-player mode)
Select an opponent
Starting a game against Mini Zombie
Game in progress
Looks like I'm winning
Stage 1 clear
Next battle

Game Boy version

Title screen
Mode selection
Choose opponent
You lost!
Game over

Game Gear version

Title screen
Mode selection
Choose opponent
Game over!

Genesis version

Title Screen
Character Intro
In Game
Instructions on how to play
High score table
Main menu
Before level 1 starts
Puyos falling
Matching up 3 like colored puyos
The puyos melded together
When 4 puyos meld together they disappear
Got the computer opponent on the ropes
Won the match
Stage results
Gained experience from the last match
The only way to make the black puyos disappear is to get them connected to another colored puyos meld
Lost a match
Continue screen
Game over
Choose a mode for multiplayer
Setting each player's skill level
A 2 player match
Won a 2 player match
Game options
Multiplayer stage 2
Multiplayer stage 3
Multiplayer stage 4

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

The usual Puyo Puyo 2 intro
Intro continued
Here we have the protagonist
The export title screen
Main menu
Start of a one player game
Choose opponent
A normal one-player game
Game over!
High score list
Test your skills in the examination game

SNES version

Title Screen
Character Intro
In Game
Intro 1
Intro 2
How to Play
Mode Select
4 Player Mode
Endless Mode

TurboGrafx CD version

Tile screen
Funny intro :)
The heroine, Arle
Funny main menu :)
Choose your opponent!..
Playing against the three banshees
Options screen
2-player mode. You can only choose Arle for now...
Playing against will-o'-wisp
We won!..
The zombie kid has some weird technique...
...which earns him victory!..
Funny Game Over screen...
The weird opponents introduce themselves
I have to fight a SHEEP?.. :)
This is a skeleton who likes tea. That's normal. I like tea too

WonderSwan version

It's Puyo Puyo 2!
A flash of lightening...
A Mysterious Girl...
Select you game
Various opponents.
Not doing too well against a tough opponent.
Score Play
Begin the "Story Mode"
"Game over" will show up.

Official Screenshots

  • Puyo Puyo 2 Screenshot
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  • Puyo Puyo 2 Screenshot
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