Puzz 3D: Victorian Mansion Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

the game's main menu
There's a tutorial in which the player builds a small house
Starting the easy level of the game.
These are the rooms that the bronze key gives access to
The game starts. All the pieces at this level are sorted by type and are neatly arranged. The picture in the top right can be changed to show the side of the house being worked on
This is the 'room view'. the pieces are laid out on a circular table. It's pretty but it's not much use, ... unless there's something to be seen here that will help solve the mystery
The player can create trays of their own to place pieces with similar characteristics in
Here a sub assembly, the grounds around the house, has been completed. When dragged over the gold tray a green outline shows, this means the assembly is complete
The assembly view. When the subsection is dragged from the gold tray into the correct position the outline turns solid green. This is not available in the harder levels
When a milestone has been achieved the book in the top corner shows some new information is available. In this case it's a short video sequence.
The player can zoom in close to both the pieces and the construction model
Here the book view and the picture aid have been turned off and the player has zoomed in on the few remaining pieces
There are performance statistics.
The game's help function shows the action keys. This is good but disappointing if you're expecting it to auto complete something
This view is very useful when looking for missing pieces
So the final piece of the puzzle is now in place and the mystery part of the game can begin
The mystery part of the game begins with a video sequence. The game started with a similar sequence where this lady was much younger
This is a scene from the mystery part of the game which is set inside the house.