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Puzzle Chronicles

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Xbox 360Game Chronicles
Overall, I found Puzzle Chronicles to be worth my time and enjoyed playing it enough to disregard its cosmetic flaws. If you’re not the type to let a game’s superficial features – like low-budget graphics and uninspired voice acting – get you down, you’ll probably find Puzzle Chronicles an engaging and entertaining puzzle game. While the story-related RPG elements aren’t anything to write home about, the mechanical RPG elements - such as equipment effects and your hero and Warbeast’s statistics and abilities – do add significant interest and complexity to the game. If you have half a gig to spare on your 360’s storage device and could use a solid puzzle game, Puzzle Chronicles is a decent choice for $10.
Xbox 360AusGamers
Puzzle Chronicles is not as polished as previous Puzzle outings, there are some interface shortcomings and a certain amount of grind to progress the story. But the game retains that ‘just one more battle’ addictiveness, and entertaining, tension filled game-play that remains a hallmark of the marquee.
Nun setzt Infinity nicht ohne Grund auf Altbewährtes, denn die Mischung aus Rollenspiel und Knobel-Kämpfen geht nach wie vor auf. Es ist sogar ungemein motivierend, die schwer erarbeiteten Fähigkeiten oder Waffen clever einzusetzen und damit Erfolg zu haben! Schade aber, dass all dies eine Idee zu nüchtern präsentiert wird - Puzzle Chronicles wirkt wie die Auftragsarbeit eines inspirationslosen Experten. Noch bedauerlicher, dass sich dieser auch um die PSP- und DS-Umsetzungen kümmern musste und ihm scheinbar kaum Zeit dafür blieb. Technische Mängel wie eine stellenweise extrem zähe Reaktionszeit auf Tasteneingaben hätten jedenfalls nicht passieren dürfen.
Xbox 360IGN
Puzzle Quest super fans will be able to look past Chronicles' awful visuals and enjoy the fantasy puzzling it offers on the inside. But it is ugly as sin and doesn't do anything remarkably different from its inspiration. Let me put it this way: If Puzzle Quest is a super hot girl, Puzzle Chronicles is her homely friend with a nice personality.
Xbox 360XboxAddict
The overall game is a tight package - the graphics are simple; most of the time, you are looking at a Tetris-like gamefield, barely paying attention to the animated hero and monsters duking it out over the play field - and when not engaged in a match, the game has you navigating through a simply illustrated map screen where you travel about, encountering the threats and challenges that lead you along to your next puzzle fight. The voice acting is a bit hammy and Satursh, but it dovetails with the simple graphical style of the game, so it doesn't feel off. And the music isn't so repetitive or irritating that you'll be diving for the MP3 player to plug into the USB slot on the front of your 360 immediately. In all, Puzzle Quest is a pleasant surprise - it's an evolution of a first brave step, combining two very unlikely bedfellows - fantasy role playing and tetris-style puzzle play - in a hybrid where one rewards the other and you just want to keep playing.
There's a very simple multiplayer mode here that lets you compete with a friend, so if you know someone with an evenly matched character, you might be able to get a bit of fun out of that, but you're better off playing a solid competitive puzzler that doesn't suffer from the balance issues that this one does. The campaign here is lengthy but not very satisfying, and 30 bucks is a steep asking price for a game whose appearance and repetitive nature make it feel like it ought to be priced as a standard downloadable release. Your hero may seem unstoppable in his struggle to overthrow an evil emperor, but he can't toss Puzzle Quest off of its throne as the enduring king of this genre.
Xbox 360Worth Playing
Perhaps the best way to describe Puzzle Chronicles is that it feels like an effort out of Infinite's "B" team. We know the company can do so much better, yet Puzzle Chronicles looks and feels more like a college project rather than a AAA XBLA title. It is also somewhat odd to see Puzzle Chronicles releasing now, with Puzzle Quest 2 right around the corner. Although the two games are published by different companies, Infinite is essentially competing with itself. We can only hope that Infinite's "A" team worked on Puzzle Quest 2 because if Puzzle Chronicles is any indication, it's quite possible that Infinite has lost its magic touch.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games
Even if the game were technically sound, Puzzle Quest 2 has since been released, so going with the lesser option of Puzzle Chronicles would be a poor investment on just about every level.
Depuis la sortie de Puzzle Quest, le studio Infinite Interactive donne l’impression d’être pris dans une spirale infernale, qui vaut à chaque nouveau jeu d’être encore plus mauvais que le précédent. Doté d’une dimension technique, artistique et ludique d’une grande médiocrité, Puzzle Chronicles nous fait craindre le pire pour le futur Puzzle Quest 2. Et pour ne rien arranger, les temps de chargements insupportables de cette version PSP nous conduisent à la sanctionner assez durement.