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Puzzle Dimension

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PlayStation 3

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 1 5.0
PlayStation 3 1 5.0
Windows 5 4.0
Combined MobyScore 7 4.3

The Press Says

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WindowsGamereactor (Finland)
En varsinaisesti pysty keksimään mitä Puzzle Dimensionissa voisi olla enemmän. Ehkä musiikkiin olisi mahtunut enemmän vaihtelua, mutta tämä on lähes täydellinen pulmapeli, edulliseen hintaan, ja voin suositella sitä kaikille genren ystäville vailla varauksia.
Non fatevelo scappare assolutamente, soprattutto se siete fan dei puzzle game e ne volete uno ben fatto e intelligente.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
I found Puzzle Dimension to be a wonderful casual gaming experience. Priced at $9.99, it has plenty of game to offer any puzzle enthusiast. If you’re looking for a great casual puzzle game, you should run out and pick up a copy— unless you get vertigo easily.
I’ve been pretty miserly with the gold stars of late, but Puzzle Dimension is a worthy recipient. The $10 price point is extremely reasonable, there’s lot’s of content and most importantly, there is a solid and unique concept on display that will have you scratching your head and cursing at your monitor.
PlayStation (UK)
As if 100 levels of enormously satisfying puzzling wasn't enough, PS3 owners have the added bonus of stereoscopic 3D support to brag about. For once, the extra depth genuinely enhances the appeal. If you missed out on one of the finest puzzle games to grace the download scene, then don't make the same mistake twice. Puzzle Dimension demands a place in your heart.
PlayStation 3Gamereactor (Denmark)
Det lyder måske lidt dumt, men Puzzle Dimension er et fantastisk sommerspil, det kan spilles et par minutter af gangen hvis der er lidt tid der skal slåes ihjel, eller i flere timer hvis den danske sommer lever op til sit ry og skal måles i nedbør ikke solskinstimer. Mit humør tog ingen skade, selv når spillet smed en skruebold og jeg kun kunne stirre forvirret ind i skærmen. I en tid uden store spil i horisonten er det i høj grad spil som Puzzle Dimension, der holder hænder på controllerne, og det gør det med bravur.
All in all, there is a lot within this game to keep any type of gamer busy for a fair few hours. I think that Doctors Entertainment have managed to pull off something incredible with this game and they are due a lot of credit for it. They have managed to mix the simplicity of a puzzle game but the frustration of an epic title; Definitely a must have.
WindowsGame Vortex
Puzzle Dimension really is a fun experience, and while it might seem like just another marble game, there is enough of a challenge and unique style here to make it worth the while of most puzzle-fans.
90 (UK)
Could Doctor Entertainment have come up with the Trials of puzzle gaming? Buy it now, rewire your ailing brain and find out.
Puzzle Dimension è un puzzle game piuttosto atipico e originale. Sebbene le fondamenta del gameplay siano state riprese in pieno dal lontano '92, la terza dimensione complica il tutto e non garantisce la semplicità di esecuzione di altri puzzle game attualmente sul mercato. Questo è un fattore decisamente positivo, data la natura del titolo, che vi terrà impegnati nello sgarbugliare situazioni davvero da perdita dell'orientamento. La soddisfazione per aver completato un passaggio particolarmente complesso, magari "spixellando" tutto lo schema, è di certo elevata. Dall'altra parte sconsigliamo questo prodotto a chi cerca un titolo che dai video può sembrare più dinamico di quello che effettivamente è: ben poco spazio è lasciato all'azione e solo un bon uso di materia grigia permetterà di avanzare per i cento livelli. E non è forse questo l'obiettivo di un buon puzzle-game?
WindowsOut Of Eight
Puzzle Dimension is quite a difficult, but not unfairly so, puzzle game. It takes relatively simple ideas (blocks with different properties, a constantly changing perspective, and straightforward controls) and combines them into an effective package. The level design is well done, taking advantage of the game's strengths and putting up challenges that require a fair amount of deduction.
PlayStation 3Vandal Online
Puzzle Dimension produce una serie de sensaciones bastante buenas. La primera que os vendrá nada más arrancar el juego, es la de un título fresco y divertido. Su interesante planteamiento os atrapará (siempre y cuando sepáis darle una oportunidad). Luego, descubriréis que bajo su sencilla coraza y jugabilidad, se esconde un magnífico, complejo y longevo juego, donde la planificación y la orientación, así como la habilidad, son parte esencial de un rompecabezas con una curva de dificultad tremendamente bien adaptada.
WindowsMiddle East Gamers (MEgamers)
Puzzle Dimension is a solid new entrant, both, into the world of indie games and the puzzle genre in general. The learning curve associated with mastering the game’s mechanics combined with the general fiendishness of the puzzles themselves may turn off some folks, but are also the main areas from which the patient, perseverant lot will derive immense satisfaction
WindowsThe A.V. Club
Roll a ball around a map to collect flowers: The concept behind Puzzle Dimensions is simple, but it requires patience and plenty of experimentation to master. Players must figure out what the different terrains do and how they can navigate them to get to their quarry, then orchestrate carefully timed jumps and turns through the 3D environments. Bonus points are rewarded for speed, but even a methodical approach can be a challenge, as constantly shifting camera angles produce a dizzying effect. Some boards are viciously hard, so it’s fortunate players have plenty of sub-levels to choose from at any given time. If something stumps you, you can take a break and try your hand at a different puzzle…
PlayStation 3Brash Games
Puzzle fanatics might be able to cite countless other recent offerings that provide an equally delicious combination of cranial exercise and fun, but for those with personal catalogues dominated by shooters and racing games, the delightful change of pace will prove refreshingly different. In times when many titles demand lightning reactions and faultless accuracy, it’s nice to just sit there, like some veteran chess-master, carefully meditating on where the next eight moves will take you.
Puzzle games aren’t my favorite thing in the world but even I was able to get sucked into Puzzle Dimension. It’s hard to beat good level design, no matter what the genre is and this is an example of classically good design with enough twists thrown in to feel consistently fresh.
PlayStation 3PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
Whether you fancy the occasional puzzle or PSN title, or you're a puzzle game addict looking for your next hit, Puzzle Dimension will be the answer to your prayers. With a creative twist on mechanics and a welcomed splash of retro paint, be prepared to say goodbye to many, many hours.
PlayStation 3IGN
Although Puzzle Dimension really needed online leaderboards and a level editor to make it a complete experience, it’s still a fun and engaging game well worth the $10 price tag. The levels are masterfully balanced and the visuals are stirring, making for an impressive overall package. Not all of its concepts are original, but they’re implemented in a way that is fresh and creative. If you’re looking for a cool, new brainteaser, Puzzle Dimension is an excellent choice.
Kula World är fortfarande lite bättre och lite roligare även om det inte är mycket som skiljer de två spelen åt. Och det är mycket möjligt att jag tyckt tvärtom om Puzzle Dimension släppts först, och det visar väl bara att det är en tämligen tidlös spelidé. Puzzle dimension är ett gediget svenskt hantverk och något av det bästa du kan spela just nu i den här genren.
For those who are able to curb the frustration that meets repeated failure and learn from their mistakes, however, Puzzle Dimension is the kind of addictive encounter that sends your brain into overdrive – foxing you while you're actually playing it, and dominating your thoughts while you're not.
At little over a fiver, there's more than enough gameplay on offer in the 100 puzzles to justify the price, especially for those competitive types among you.
Puzzle Dimension verpakt klassieke puzzelconcepten in een eigentijds jasje, biedt veel variatie en precies de juiste uitdaging.