Puzzle Master 3 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game loads via a standard eGames screen. If the player has multiple eGames products on their computer they could all be accessed through this common interface
The game starts in a small window from which the player selects their puzzle group and the picture within that group. The piece size and difficulty can also be customised
There is an in-game help function which opens in a separate window
The start of a puzzle showing in-game options accessed by a right click. The ghost picture in the background is optional, the background colour can be changed, if required so that pieces stand out.
A successfully completed puzzle
The options in the menu bar can arrange pieces automatically. The player can also open multiple trays in which to store similar pieces. It is even possible to select pieces by shape
There is a 'quick help' option available for those who forget the basic controls
It is possible to make a jigsaw from any image the player can access. There are slider controls that govern the number of pieces and their shape