Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Map of the world
Talking to the princess.
Quest completed.
New companion
Fighting an imp.
Forging an item.
Another duel
Visiting elves.
Boss battle
Building structures.
End of chapter 1
Victorious siege
Do you want to fight this enemy?
Fighting an orc.
Shop menu
More talking.
Another quest completed.

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Hero creation screen at the start of a new quest. Here you can change you name and class.
In-game story telling “movies” - shot from the intro
Map of the Etheria - here you can travel and select a quest from the cities. “!” above a city means it has a quest, and if the “!” is red, then it's an important story quest.
Town menu - here you can get quests and visit taverns and shops. If the player controls the town, he can to go the Citadel to upgrade his hero.
Player’s Citadel
Tavern screen
Shop screen
Hero inventory screen
Get quests screen
Dialog with Queen of Bartonia
Moving to a new location on the map.
Quest reward screen
Skill use
Destroying skulls causes damage to your enemy.
Battle results
Level-up screen
Heroic Efforts – you can get it if you manage to chain a cascade of 5+ gem. It will give you extra EXP.
Crafting items in the citadel.
To beat the crafting mini-game and create an item, you just need to destroy a number of special “Hammer and Anvil” gems.
Monsters capture mini-game. You need to clear a grid of gems. Most of the time there is only one way to solve it.
Research spells mini game – after you capture monsters you can learn his spells using that mini-game. All what you need to do is reach the total of mana and scrolls shown on the right.
Monster – boss info screen before combat

Windows version

Title Screen
Main menu
Internet high scores
World map
Info on your enemy
Troll matched several gems and got equivalent amount of mana.
You can hear all kind of rumors in taverns.
With runes you can forge your own magical items.
Hero's inventory
All available magic spells
Your companions, they give you some bonus.
By joining to a knights order, I got permanent bonus.
When matching four or more tiles you get an extra turn.
Town menu
As your quest continues, you will visit more and more places.
Capturing a creature.
You can avoid combats with "small" foes.
Your citadel (fully constructed).
Spell research: Rules on the left, objectives on the right.
Some of your comrades are...hmm...strange.
Ah, that hurts!
Fighting a boss (see that items).
Haha, I canceled your spell!
OH, no haha because that hurts!
A glowing place means that it belongs to an active quest.
Yes I know. My mount is a (really) giant rat.
All story events are told in such cartoon sequences.