PuzzleStones Screenshots (Symbian)

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Symbian version

Game title screen.
With the player's control over screen refills the luck factor is heavily reduced, making it possible to regularly construct 8 in a row matches with no gaps.
Matches with lots of gaps and few pieces are scored much lower in the High Score and Time Trial modes.
Some levels just require the player to match pieces of particular colours.
In Coverage mode matches with lots of gaps cover much larger portions of the grid.
There are 10 different painted backdrops spread across the 100 levels.
The game's Campaign map, where the player gradually works their way through 20 stages of increasing difficulty.
In Target Squares mode the player must make matches of specific colors that cover set targets on the grid in order to score.
The multiplayer mode can be configured with any combination of scoring modes from the single player game, here all are turned on for a more complex battle of wits.
The color of the pyrotechnics changes with each level.