Pyjamarama Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen.
Starting in the hallway.
In the kitchen.

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen.
Which way now?
What should we cook?
Carnivorous plants.
Ghosts in basement.
Inverted room.
Play Space Invaders and win an extra life.
Home space rocket. Nothing unusual.
On the moon. Local people strangely similar to alien from Space Invaders.
Desired clock key.
Goodbye Moon.
The goal is near.

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed while the game loads
This screen enables the player to choose their controller and to define the action keys
There are only three action keys and the input is not validated. If the player makes a mistake, as has been done here, then they will be part way through the game before they realise their mistake
Screen 1 of the game. There's a ball rolling down the stairs that must be avoided and a key to collect that allows progress onto the next screen
Screen 2. There are beasties moving up and down. There are hands that come up from the floor. The object is to get across to the other side of the screen and open the door
Mistimed it. That's one life gone. The dead body is at the foot of the doorway / window frame and is coloured purple the same as the background
Screen 3. In this screen the perils are darts that fly across the bottom of the screen.
Screen 4. This looks like a straightforward screen. Just get the balloon, float upwards and get the key. In practice part way through Wally is transported elsewhere
Barrels can be jumped on
Stairs can be climbed
This screen has the added complication of a conveyor belt moving left to right
Its not enough to have a flying axe. This axe bounces around the screen like a rubber ball. Unfortunately when one ax exits on the right another comes through the door on the left..
The game is not too polite about failure
There is a scoring system of sorts but it's not recorded. After this the player is returned to the controller selection screen. Any redefinition of the action keys is retained for the next game
Soon someone will be awakened.