Quadralien Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

The title screen
The first level right in the beginning
Menu for starting a level: select droids and chambers
Select droids to use in this level -- each one has different abilities and you can take 2 with you
Cooling by pushing some ice in the ship's core (top right)
Terminal menu in the level: drop the collected waste, recharge energy, and gather some status information
While the red balls attract each other and row themselves, the blue one detract each other and therefore get space between them when they get moved

DOS version

The title screen
Chose your droids before entering a level.
The game displays detailed information for each robot.
Black bubbles attract, white bubbles repell.
The droid "Spud" is charged - it attracts black spheres.
Core temperature can be lowered by pushing coolant boxes into chutes.
The white "i"-symbols are terminals.
Use terminals to recharge and decontaminate your droid.
Another chamber full of disgusting, radioactive waste.