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Amiga version

Quake Start Screen of the Amiga Version
Console in the Amiga Version (Not much Difference between Amiga and PC Version)
Don't run Away!
The Bomb has been planted!
Want some Pain or what?
I hope the Quad is near ...
... it is!
Hardcore \o/

DOS version

Main Menu
The Quake engine has support for many 'tweaked' VGA resolutions, like 360x480 seen here.
First Mini-boss. This guy is tough.
Episode one boss, Chthon
Eat rockets, Chthon.
You have to zap him in order to kill him.
Chthon is dead.
The hub from which you choose the episodes, or dimensions, you want to play.
Nice windows.
Some enemies will occasionally fight each other.
Under water
Close combat
Axe (blade are outside the screen) attack
Enemy in window
drops of blood
Dog to kill

Nintendo 64 version

Main menu
Difficulty menu. No Welcome to Quake level on this one.
Shooting a grunt in The Slipgate Complex
Dead in The Slipgate Complex

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Sega Intro Screen
Ahh yes, the grenade launcher.
The Saturn version has very nice colored lighting.
I hate going under the water.
The level designs are rather complex.
I hate these guys.
First Episode Boss

Windows version

I´m gonna paint that mark on my door as well :)
This level is completely non-gravity, You´ll fly around like a little leaf in the autumn-wind
My records. Can you beat it? ;D
Game start (all screenshots made with GLQuake 0.95 on Geforce2 MX)
A door... wonder what's lurking behind... (FuhQuake-engine)
A zombie. Better be careful around him. Hopefully, the Ring of Shadows (the grey layer) might protect me... (FuhQuake-engine)
Ingame console - not only for cheats, but mainly for changing the config quickly
The episode selection hall - each doorway stands for one game episode
A creepy thing makes its appearance... (FuhQuake-engine)
The beginning of episode 1
Having a look on a acid river (FuhQuake-engine)
Some ammo in the first secret room
One of the rare outdoor places - the game engine wasn't made for large outdoor levels so they didn't include any.
Fire in the hole!
Some enemy scum approaching
Ahh, the quad damage :) Let's kick ass!
Push the button to the right to get the bridge
A grunt close and personal
Level intermission screen with stats
An ogre ... we better be careful
A bridge ... on the other side, there's someone getting angry :/
This guard must be either retarded, deaf or both - he doesn't notice me until he's dead :)
Again, a bridge is missing, and this one is critical as we need the key
Some knights want to kill me... well, they try at least.
Fighting an ogre - he throws grenades which can be pretty deadly
Well... this door doesn't look too inviting... wonder what's behind it?
The door's open - but where, oh where is the enemy?
Uhhh... hi baby :)
Knights... behind them, the exit... let's make it quick
Oh nice, a grenade launcher!
And here, we have a bunch of zombies... which can only be killed by a - yes, explosive, so we need to use our new grenade launcher on them
Large hall with nice architecture...
... and, unfortunately, some ghosts.
The enemies can sometimes get in fights with each other
And some fights are more spectacular than others.
The Death Knights can launch a true barrage of fireballs
One of the third episode levels

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Loading screen.
Main menu.
The main lobby for difficulty selection: easy to the left, normal in the center and hard to the right.
The lobby for episode selection: one to the left, two in the center-left, three in the center-right and four to the right.
Starting the first episode, a little bit of hand-holding: the game tells you you can jump across the gap.
The very first enemies: a Rottweiler and a Grunt.
When hit, enemies will display different animations such as this "facepalm" one.
Walking to the exit teleporter.
End level statistics.
An Ogre in mission 2, episode 1.
Some underwater action in episode 2, mission 1.
Found a secret area!
Killing an Enforcer in episode 3, mission 1.
Some armor, nailgun and shotgun ammo.
Even in game text was translated to Portuguese, like here (saída = exit).
Episode 4, mission 1. The biosuit lets you swim in slime without taking damage.
Laser traps on the walls.
A gold key-card, required to open a door.
Dead, killed by a Rottweiler.

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