The Quest Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Title screen (vertical mode)
Exploring a forest (vertical mode)
Inventory (vertical mode)
Quest Log (vertical mode)
Still stuck in the forest (horizontal mode)
Wandering in the fields (horizontal mode)
There's someone on the road (horizontal mode)
The girl is cute, but she has murderous intentions (horizontal mode)
Looks like my quest ends here (horizontal mode)

Windows version

The title screen.
Intro sequence. Nothing fancy here - only several images and scrolling text.
Character creation screen.
Dialogue system is similar to the one in Elder Scrolls games.
Inventory holds many interesting things.
Character stats screen.
There are flowers and herbs you can collect.
Direction sign.
Reading a book.
Welcome to the world full of sprites.
List of quests I got.
Let's cook some fried bat wings.
Town streets.
This armor suit looks strikingly familiar, probably it was acquired somewhere in Lut Gholein.
The local inn
You can try to distill some mushroom beer or brew a health elixir, again in very ES-style.

Windows Mobile version

The title screen.
A typical dungeon.
Pockets of a true adventurer can hold many goods.
Having a meaningful conversation with the robber.
The robber himself.
Playing with a smaller screen size.