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Commodore 64Commodore User (May, 1986)
Fantastic Four is possibly a game you will look back on and think: "That wasn't very big!" Scott's games never are - they are concentrated puzzles. But believe me, while you are battling your way through, (and probably overlooking the obvious), you will think it is enormous! Certainly it is every bit as challenging as Claymorgue Castle
I suppose after having read the review you're in doubt as to whether I like it or not - all I will say is that's absolutely brilliant!!
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jul, 1986)
Despite the frustration of the (first problem, the gamin's still sufficiently interesting to keep you trying, as you wonder if the solution lies in battling with Blob, inside the circus tent, or in the hot little hands of the Human Torch himself. The graphics are displayed on the top half of the screen, and very nice they are too. The text scrolls beneath in AI's typical jerky style and rather confused layout. My only quibble is with the price - a little on the pricey side compared with other adventures in the £6.95/7.95 range.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Jul, 1986)
The game is in fact grossly dated by today's adventure standards and doesn't rise much higher than a Quill release in terms of programming.
ZX SpectrumYour Computer (Jun, 1986)
Questprobe 3 will definitely be a giant hit but my feeling is that the Adams database is a little obscure and the price is £2 too much, but I doubt if that will be deter any would-be superhero/ines from buying the game.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Jul, 1986)
This is a very unfriendly and unresponsive adventure. Meeting the Blob provides as good an example as any of how the game fails to perform. EXAM BLOB gives 'OK, I see nothing special I while SMASH BLOB gives l OK, it's clobbering time. I smashed my way through the machinery". This curious stock answer refers to the machinery of one of the first problems in the tar pit. This reply is either a joke or a bug and I tend to think it's the latter. Questprobe has never had the reputation of friendliness, featuring challenging puzzles and stunning graphics instead. Here the pictures are only modest and the puzzles are more involved and bewildering than clever. I can't help thinking Spider-man was less difficult and had more going few it This third release shows little care for what the British adventure market wants and I think it unlikely that people are that interested in mind-bogglingly difficult games constructed in such an uncaring fashion.
ZX SpectrumZX Computing (Jul, 1986)
Questprobe 3 is not a bad game in itself. but when compared with products like Level 9 games, or even some budget titles it is weak. Adams has produced better, such as Spider-man. Unless you like tough problems or pretty pictures I wouldn't recommend it; and as for the US Gold claims that "Scott Adams is the undisputed master of the art of adventure writing" — I'm disputing it.