Quik the Thunder Rabbit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Stywox Logo
The developers spelt "quick" wrong
Angels Meadow
Destroy enemies by rolling into them
Quik is knocked over
Jump on the starpad to hoist yourself into the air
There's the exit
A statue of a cavebunny hits a lizard with his club
A green bush that has legs? Wow!
A snake emitting solar rays from its eyes? Wow!
A frog with antennas on its head? Wow!
One of the many doors that you travel to in order to finish the level
Angels Meadow Time Travel level
"Where are you taking me, Mac?"
A bomb goes off
After four stages, you have to work your way through a labyrinth
Say hello to Wolfie
Oblivion Desert
"Tequila Sunrise, anyone?"
The finger is pointing up
Oblivion Desert Time Travel level
Rabbit the Hun
Say hello to Scorpio
Smashing Sea
A shark that has learnt to walk? Wow!
Game over

Amiga CD32 version

Introduction to the rabbits
Title screen
Introduction scene 1 - an important call coming in
Introduction scene 2 - he ran so fast, the police is after him
Introduction scene 3 - what does he find in the warehouse?
Main menu
Level 1
Game start
Lost a life
Near the end of the level
Lost another life

DOS version

Menu screen
Level start screen
Gameplay in the first level
Game over screen
This fox is the angel of death for any game
The Stywox Games logo
Part of the intro
Oddly, no lawsuits were ever filed
This marks the exit of the level.
Very funny, haha!