Quink Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Setting up the game; how many players?
These are the categories available
Do you want a normal or advanced game?
The gameboard; which items don't fit?
Here's the category all the items belong to
So far all right answers, but there's still more to find!
Whoops, wrong answer!
The game starts to get tougher...
Another wrong answer! The hour glasses show what I should have selected.
Game over

DOS version

CBS Presents... (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Which category would you like for the next game? (CGA)
Some game options; would you like the normal or advanced game? (CGA)
Gameplay; which item(s) aren't related? (CGA)
A wrong guess; here are the loners and which category each item is in (CGA)
Got 50 points for a correct guess! (CGA)
Oops, ran out of time but a couple correct guesses also (CGA)
Set 5 - the game gets tougher now! (CGA)
Whoops, wrong guess! (CGA)
Game options; setting difficulty (Monochrome Display)
Select game mode (Monochrome Display)
Here's the game board; which items don't match? (Monochrome Display)
A wrong guess; here's the relationship between the items (Monochrome Display)