R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Screenshots

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Namco logo from the opening cinematic
Opening cinematic shows some wild city racing
Oh no, my new shoes... if only some racer would stop by and give me a lift now
Main Title
Main Menu
If you thought old simple drawing programs are history, think again 'cos Ridge Racer 4 comes with its own version of one
Selecting a course
Selecting a car
Racing against time... but entering the curve too fast won't do you any good
Long series of these small curves can actually be passed by going fairly straight if you calculate correctly
Oops, wrong way
Selection screen after a race
Prepping for the Grand Prix, select automatic or manual transmission on your car
Wouldn't be a real race without a girl on the track
Starting the race from the cockpit view
Catching up with one of your opponents
Lights turn on automatically when driving through the tunnel or if you're racing at night
While in first person mode, you can see when someone's tailing you