Race Drivin' Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Opening screen
Intro sequence
Title from Intro
Normal track overview
Autocross track overview
Super Stunt track overview
Select type of the track
Select type of the car
Normal track - driving around some building
Normal track - prepare for circular stunt
Normal track - replay of the collision
Autocross track - off road after crash
Autocross track - 'checkpoint', important point
Autocross track - 'finish', another important point
Super Stunt track - take it to the right
Super Stunt track - dangerous curve ahead
Super Stunt track - entering populated area
Super Stunt track - replay of some crazy stunt
High Scores

Atari ST version

Loading screen
From the intro: The winner is red
Title screen
Choosing track.
Selecting a vehicle.
Start straight.
High Scores.
Speed limit is 60 on this bridge.
Extra memory found.

DOS version

Copyright Information (VGA)
AutoCross Track presentation (VGA)
Super Stunt Track presentation (VGA)
Speed and Stunt Track presentation (VGA)
Options Adjustment (VGA)
Number of Players Selection for certain Track (VGA)
First Car Adjustment (VGA)
Second Car Adjustment (VGA)
Third Car Adjustment (VGA)
Starting Point (VGA)
You are getting off the road, but Checkpoint is near (VGA)
You've made it through Checkpoint and get Extra Time (VGA)
You may Crash your car (VGA)
Finish is near (VGA)
Statistics after the Finish (VGA)
Replay may show you what happens (VGA)
You may race with opponent (VGA)
You may pass some stunts like this or much tough ones (VGA)
High Scores (VGA)
License (EGA)
Info (EGA)
Track Select (EGA)
Car Select (EGA)
Gameplay (EGA)
High scores (EGA)

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Vehicle Selection
Track Selection
Starting Line
Watch out for the barn
Banked curve
Entering the Loop
Elevated Roadway

Genesis version

Title screen
Yeah, whatever you say
Driving happily towards the city... which you'll never reach... *sniff*
Tracks available
Car types
Getting ready...
Off road
Uh-oh, where is the background, where is the ground, where is everything...
The house is hanging over the abyss
Crash. This will happen often
Instant replay
At checkpoints you can get extra time
Mountain view
Completed a lap
Those cars disturb...
You can create your own track

SNES version

Title screen
Select a car.
Tracks available
Overview of the stunt track
At the start of the race
The other cars pulling ahead.
A paused game
Got into an accident.
Instant replay of the accident
Driving on the right side of the road.
A countdown begins when the car is driven off road.
Game over
Overview of the autocross track
High scores list
The object is to get to the finish line in time.