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Race the Sun

Race the Sun Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Starting screen for the main game mode
Catch the blue tris to build the score multiplier.
Some require a jump to get on top of shapes.
A white bird drops goodies between each region.
A yellow speed boost coming up.
Tunnels drain the available energy quickly.
Moving through a tri.
In flight
A quick turn as the mountain blocks out the sun.
Time carefully to pass the windmills.
Start of the third region
I keep a jump ready for a last moment maneuver.
A portal that leads to a different world
Flying through an alternate world.
The sun is almost down and it is still a long way ahead.
The battery catches nearby items.
A new attachment unlocked at level 10.
Community level selection
Kings Way, a user level
This level has a spooky forest.
A spy-themed level
This is as close as it gets to Star Wars: Episode I - Racer.
A contest-winning user level
Playing the Apocalypse mode, avoid the blasts as they will blind you.
Move through the temporary gap.
Crash, but I had a purple item with an extra life.
Two large blocks falling down.
Some of the unlocked attachments
Three missions on the right
Optional unlocked decals