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Back Cover:
    Racter was born in the back room of a nameless tavern in one of the great American cities. Raised on a diet of tall tales and Nietzsche, this intense young program came to appreciate the art of the storyteller and came to the realization that what the world really needed was a computer that could entertain at parties. To that end, Racter haunted libraries, discussion societies and sleazy barrooms in a never-ending quest to achieve that most unreachable of dreams: to become a raconteur. Since the publication of his book, Racter has been enjoying the rewards of the successful author.

    Racter is a superlative conversationalist, and this program allows you and Racter to hold dialogs on nearly any conceivable topic. Rediscover the joys of conversation with this foray into the little-known realm of artificial insanity. Mindscape is pleased to introduce you to Racter.

    Contributed by Trixter (9128) on Dec 12, 1999.