Racter was published under Mindscape's "ALERT: Software that challenges the mind." advertising moniker.

The packaging, a shrinkwrapped plastic binder (and not a box, which was fairly common back then), contained a (fake) brochure describing the Institute of Artificial Insanity, offering "flexible degree-granting programs and vinyl tubing to students." The Institute also prided itself on its "excellence, as evidenced by its complete catalog of curricular and sportswear items, its students, and its loss of faculties." It goes on to list the curriculum and other moderly humorous details about the Institute.

Along that vein, a second piece of material was included in the Racter package: An order form to order tee-shirts and sweatshirts with the Institute's seal on it. This latter order form wasn't a joke--it was a legitimate offer from Mindscape. The pricing was as follows:

T-Shirt: $8.00
Sweatshirt: $18.00
T-Shirt (Racter logo): $8.00
Bumper Sticker: $1.50
Decal for car window: $1.50

These items are extremely rare and are of high personal value to classic software collectors.

Contributed by Trixter (9132) on Dec 12, 1999. -- edit trivia