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Genesis 3 3.3
SEGA CD Awaiting 1 votes...
SNES 4 3.1
Combined User Score 7 3.2

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SNESASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Toller Sound, witzige Grafik und ein echt abgefahrener Held lassen das originelle Hüpfspielchen in die Oberliga des Genres aufsteigen.
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Toller Sound, witzige Grafik und ein echt abgefahrener Held lassen das originelle Hüpfspielchen in die Oberliga des Genres aufsteigen.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Wenn Ihr also auch der Suche nach einem lustigen, rasanten, fairen, nicht zu schwierigen aber auch nicht zu einfachen Spiel seid, das Euch richtig Freude bereitet, dann schaut Euch den kleinen radikalen Rex an! Spaßgarantie!
A platformer worth a play – if not a purchase. Give it a try, and see what you’re missing.
SEGA CDVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Ultimately, Radical Rex is a thoroughly enjoyable platform game. Simple maneuvers and a variety of levels comprise a game that's good to go.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Younger gamers will make Rex their pal - he's as friendly and fun as a good Saturday morning cartoon. Older gamers, however, will want dinos with a bit more bite.
SNESGamePro (US)
The above average graphics have a Saturday morning cartoon look. Colorful jungle backgrounds contain all manner of crawling, running, swimming and flying beasties to create a very cartoony world. Rex himself displays funny expressions throughout, especially when something bad happens. The sounds are also middle-of-the-tar-pit. Rex occasionally exclaims "Radical", but the dinos lacks good roars and the tropical rhythms get repetitive. The opening rap number will keep your toes tapping. Radical Rex is about as good and as endearing as the successful Joe and Mac games. For simple thrills without the chills, get radical with Rex.
Easy and cartoony, Rex is a nice playmate for gamers who make friends with Saturday-morning and after-school TV pals. Older gamers, however, will quickly move on to Rex's more aggressive dinosaur brethren.
GenesisMega Fun
Kurz gesagt, es fehlt der gewisse Schuß Originalität. Abgesehen von der leicht schwammigen Steuerung bringt Radical Rex eine solide Spielbasis mit. Der berühmte Funke will jedoch nicht überspringen.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Not quite radical enough for me. Radical Rex has a number of good points like very cute graphics and animations, but the control could use some work. This game will probably appeal more to younger gamers with it's cutesy theme, otherwise it's more your run-and-smack-enemies-away type action game.
SEGA CDElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Radical Rex really doesn't make full use of the CD-Rom format. The music is the only thing that shows that the game is CD. Otherwise, it's an okay action game with lots of instant hits. What's with all the flies? The levels are very dark and use some tightening. Radical Rex suffers from the fact that it's hardly original. This CD will probably fade away.
People often say that easy games are for kids. I’ve often found that odd as I beat some very difficult games as a child, many of which I only later found out were considered difficult. Radical Rex is a game that I would have liked much more as a child than I do now. If I was reviewing it with childhood memories, I have no doubt I would be much kinder. The problem with Radical Rex isn’t that it is difficult in parts but that it isn’t difficult at all until halfway through the game and then only during the boss fights. This inconsistency really hurts the overall experience in what is a decent if unexceptional platformer. A few tweaks with hit-points and just making the easy and normal modes fit their respective definitions wouldn’t have made Radical Rex a great game but it would have been much better.
SEGA CDSega-16.com
Radical Rex can be summed up in three words: Lack of originality. It thematically lives off of fads long outdated, the levels are repetitive (gameplay and graphics-wise), and the CD soundtrack is just boring. Drop in a few cheap obstacles and ridiculously overpowered bosses, and you get a game that is apparently targeted at kids but at times gets frustratingly hard even for seasoned gamers! Children might draw a bit more entertainment out of Radical Rex, at least for the first five levels (until the first boss shows up). Otherwise this game's not recommendable.