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iPadGamePro (US)
This highly entertaining, visceral experience that pretty much blows away every FPS I've recently played on anything resembling a handheld is cheaper than a big-brand cuppa joe. But what I'm not forgetting is that this is on an iPad -- something that was never really marketed as a games machine, but thanks to games like Rage, seems to rapidly becoming one of the best mobile gaming platforms out there.
The Portable Gamer takes a look at this new on-rails shooter with the impressive pedigree.
RAGE on the iPhone is a welcomed addition to the id collection of iPhone games including Doom Resurrection, and DOOM II RPG. Overall, if you’re a fan of id Software’s titles or FPS games, spending 1 or 2 dollars on this game is a no brainer.
Gamers will be happy to play something pretty from the creators of Doom. But non-gamers may find Rage HD, with its simple controls and jaw-dropping graphics, to be an entry point for a genre that's notoriously unwelcoming. Rage HD might not be massive in scope, but its potential audience sure is.
iPadApp Spy
RAGE has the capacity for real depth and quality in a way that hasn't been quite realized on the App Store, but gamers will have to suffice with a point-scoring bonanza that has legs, at least for a little while. RAGE is worth picking up to show off to friends, but it has a limited shelf-time once you're done unless you're a dedicated score-hunter.
Rage stupisce per la qualità tecnica di realizzazione e vederlo girare, soprattutto su iPad, è una bella gioia per gli occhi. Le magagne si presentano però non appena si inizia a giocare sul serio e le svariate deficienze che affliggono il gameplay vengono fuori in modo evidente. Se infatti la frenesia dell'azione e l'immediatezza dell'esperienza permettono a qualsiasi giocatore di entrare in partita da subito, la pochezza cronica dei contenuti, unita alla mancanza di una classifica online dei risultati, tendono a smorzare il progetto di id Software dove è la spinta al miglioramento costante la vera protagonista in grado di trainare il giocatore e stimolarlo a sessioni anche brevissime ovunque egli sia.
Mutant Bash TV is a stunning game, loaded with over-the-top violence. It has the blood of a mid-nineties arcade light gun game coursing through its veins, something you play over and over to put big scores up on the board. Yet there is no board here. If the amount of real estate to cover in Mutant Bash TV is limited and I’m expected to replay it over and over (which is fine with me), then let me boast about my mutant-slaying prowess to the world, not my dog. She couldn't care less.
Purely as a game RAGE affords good entertainment while it lasts, but it lacks any sort of depth to keep you coming back after you complete it. Using it as a way to show off the iPhone 4’s graphics the HD version becomes far easier to recommend. If you go into this knowing what to expect then you’re going to be far more enamoured by the game. It’s like a roller-coaster in a beautiful looking theme-park, the ride is thrilling while it lasts and the scenery is great but it’s over quickly. In short, RAGE is a real example of style over substance but entertaining with it.
After completing Rage HD in 30 minutes, I got the feeling that this game, while impressive graphically, is more of a proof-of-concept project for Carmack and the gang than anything else. That, and it’s a slick marketing tie-in for the console/PC version of the full game coming out in 2011. At it’s core, Rage HD is a incredible technical achievement that will provide a fun-but-brief experience that may or may not be frustrating depending on how you play the game.
iPhonePocket Gamer UK
A feast for the eyes, RAGE doesn't make the most of its fun arcade action as it's missing some standard features.
iPadPocket Gamer UK
A feast for the eyes, RAGE doesn't make the most of its fun arcade action as it's missing some standard features.
Rage might well be short, shallow, and shoddy in the control department, but it's still well worth the price of admission. For a mere £1.19 you get a medley of high-poly character models, impressive animations and the best textures the iPhone has ever seen; a glorious glimpse into the future of gaming on phones.
As a cute little taster of the RAGE experience, Mutant Bash TV is certainly a good idea. The price point is perfect, and even tough the controls are annoying, it's worth picking up just to experience a terrific looking shooter set in a promisingly gruesome world. Those looking forward to the real RAGE really ought to check it out, and those who just want a good shooter could spend their cash on far worse.
iPhoneEurogamer.net (UK)
It's a fun distraction on your mobile, giving you a few hours of entertainment to rack up a high score, finish all the stages, and gawp at the tremendous graphics. Like I said, worth a bob or two.
iPhoneCalm Down Tom
Once again it seems like a major developer has missed the point of gaming on an Apple device. In some ways, it’s no surprise that the companies that are having the most success are specialists that have little or no console experience. Working within the constraints of the device will produce far better results than attempting to overcome inappropriate control methods and uninspiring gameplay with HD graphics. Rage HD is worth a look for the low low price, but it’s also a good example of how big developers continue to miss the point completely. On a device where gameplay is king, long after Rage HD is forgotten, ill tempered birds will continue to fly.